Safety operation of operators of the hottest aspha

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The safe operation of the asphalt mixture paver operator

1. The tire type or crawler type asphalt dissimilated material paver shall be performed in accordance with the relevant items with high labor intensity in the regulations of the people's Republic of China on the handling of road traffic

2. Check before the task. If you have other questions, check whether the bolts at all parts are fastened, whether the connection is reliable, whether the idling is normal, and whether the steering control mechanism and brake are flexible and reliable

3. The vision of the bridge and the homework site should be open, and all obstacles that hinder the task should be cut off. Relevant staff shall not stay on the bridge during homework. Drivers are not allowed to leave the sentry box without permission

In case of oil leakage under high pressure

4, the ground clearance of the paver is relatively small, so it is necessary to see whether there are obstacles around before starting

5. During the task, the paver shall not develop. If it needs to develop, it must lift the screed to stop, and it can stop in front of the task

6. During tasks or transportation, employees are not allowed to sit or work in the hopper to prevent personal safety

7. When the dump truck transporting asphalt dissimilated materials reverses to the paver, the hopper should be aligned, and a special person should give instructions. The car and the paving secret are closely linked to prevent conflicts, offenses, scattering and other scenes

8. During paving, no one is allowed to stand on the screed, and non operators are not allowed to climb the paver

9. When transporting the paver, lift the screed and lock it with a locking assembly

10. Gear shifting must be stopped when the paver is completely stopped. It is strictly forbidden to forcibly shift gears and shift gears on the ramp or slide in neutral

11. When the screed stops preheating, it should save heat to prevent deformation due to partial overheating. During the heating process, special personnel must be assigned to guard it

12. Try to drive safely and do not turn sharply. During curve operation, the distance between the end of the ironing assembly and the curb shall not be less than 100mm to prevent collision, but it is pointed out

13. After shutdown, the maintenance task should be done properly. When washing the hopper, scraper, screw conveyor, screed and other parts, the engine must be shut down and left behind. If it can't be cleaned at one time, the machine can be started again. After turning a certain interval or an angle, the machine can be shut down and shut down for cleaning. Stop for several times until the end of washing. When washing the paver, diesel oil must be used for washing, and it is really not allowed to be close to the open fire

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