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The safe operation instruction for drilling and excavation of multi boom drill

1 objective and scope of utilization

is the method and technology of drilling and construction of multi boom drill in the construction of standard underground engineering, so as to ensure the safety of tunnel excavation construction and prevent unexpected risks from happening. This operation instruction is specially formulated according to the responsibilities and safety awareness of standard relevant operators. This work instruction is applicable to the underground engineering projects in which the company and its external project departments adopt the drilling construction of multi arm bench drill, and quickly press the "stop" button and then let go

2 responsibilities

2.1 technical part: responsible for formulating tunnel excavation construction work instructions, tunnel excavation construction organization design and drilling and blasting design and surrounding rock support scheme, multi arm bench drill drilling quality standard and Enron technical requirements, and formulating practical and feasible advance support scheme, as well as the foresight notice and emergency method scheme for emergencies

2.2 quality and safety: responsible for the quality and safety supervision and handling of the whole process of the drilling construction of the dobby drill, as well as the safety monitoring and observation of the surrounding rock. Pre Zheng 1ren and others used hydrogel (polymethylmethacrylate B hydroxyethyl ester HEMA) as materials to prepare hydrogel soft artificial eyes, and was responsible for urging the relevant parts and staff to stop the timely support of the surrounding rock

2.3 motor and material parts: responsible for formulating the safe operation procedures of Dobby drill and strengthening the safe handling of power consumption of Dobby drill; According to the plan and requirements of the technical part, prepare all kinds of materials required for Enron support

2.4 construction adjustment: strictly follow the relevant construction organization design and work instructions, organize the placement of production, strive to effectively implement various safety measures, do a good job in surrounding rock support, and unconsciously instruct the production, so that there is safety during the construction in the tunnel, and have a safe advance understanding and look ahead notice task when instructing the construction

2.5 floormen: stop the operation in strict accordance with the relevant safety operation procedures of the dobby bench drill, and follow the relevant machinery and electricity safety procedures formulated by the motor part. During the drilling construction, the hole position, hole inclination and hole depth shall be strictly controlled to ensure the drilling quality

3 dobby drill hole excavation construction

3.1 construction preparation process

3.1.1 style tunnel excavation construction organization design and special construction scheme, formulate practical and feasible advance support scheme, emergency measures and treatment scheme to prevent collapse, water gushing, roof fall and cross slope in the tunnel, and emergency measures to prevent harmful gas in the tunnel

3.1.2 the technology department organized the relevant departments and homework staff to stop the hole excavation construction. The technology disclosure and Enron technology disclosure received strong support and enthusiastic participation from enterprises and institutions in the global aluminum industry

3.1.3 before the tunnel excavation construction, the slope support and locking support shall be stopped for the portal and tunnel face, and the intercepting ditch shall be set on the slope top according to the terrain to ensure the safety of entering the tunnel

3.1.4 prepare all supporting materials (such as steel arch, anchor rod, reinforcement, steel pipe, aggregate for shotcrete, etc.) and supporting equipment according to the requirements of construction organization design. At the same time, coordinate with relevant units (design, geology, monitoring)

3.1.5 do a good job of safety protection for the equipment entering the hole, such as dobby drill, backhoe, loader and other equipment with long internal hours in the hole, and do a good job of safety protection shed to prevent unexpected accidents such as falling stones and roof fall

3.1.6 according to the voltage and water pressure requirements of the dobby drill construction, introduce water and electricity into the tunnel 50m away from the task surface, and stop the dobby drill construction but the commissioning task with higher price

3.2 construction process

3.2.1 the drilling and blasting process flow of Dobby drill is as follows:

measurement and setting out, hole layout, drilling and charging, wiring, blasting ventilation, smoke exhaust and danger removal

mucking and danger removal enter the next cycle

3.2.2 identification of risk sources

table for identification of risk sources in tunnel excavation (dobby drilling) construction

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