Safety of the hottest PVC fresh-keeping film

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Safety of PVC fresh-keeping film

PVC fresh-keeping film is a widely used food packaging product, and its safety has attracted much attention recently. Whether professional institutions, food manufacturers or consumers have doubts about this; When it is used to package food, will it produce substances harmful to human body during freezing, direct heating and microwave heating

for this, we might as well refer to the production regulations and quality standards of European PVC fresh-keeping film to see how far we are from the standards of advanced countries

in Europe, there are very strict regulations to define different kinds of fresh-keeping films used for different foods and give them a special number. For example, No. 4 fresh-keeping film for packaging ordinary meat, sausage and frozen food cannot be used for packaging butter, cream and other foods; No. 1 plastic wrap, which can be used for cooking in microwave oven, can pack all food. EPFMA Association and relevant European management departments have also realized the industrialization of polyglutamic acid and polylysine. The door will regularly spot check the fresh-keeping film in supermarkets and other places. If the selected fresh-keeping film does not meet the standards of corresponding regulations, the manufacturer of the fresh-keeping film will be disqualified from the membership of EPFMA Association, which means that this kind of fresh-keeping film has lost the guarantee of food safety

the current regulations in Europe on packaging materials that directly contact food stipulate the restrictions on the migration of substances in plastic packaging materials: the preservative films used in various foods are different. The higher the fat content of food, the stricter the restrictions on the preservative film. Because the additives in the preservative film will interact with oil, most of the preservative films on the market at present cannot directly package high fat food

there is a special laboratory lne in Europe to test the safety of PVC fresh-keeping film microwave oven. The test is to measure whether the migration of substances in the fresh-keeping film meets the regulations under simulated conditions (simulated food, temperature, time) according to the provisions of European regulations. The most important thing about the preservative film used in microwave oven is to measure whether there is any substance in the preservative film that has migrated into the food and polluted the food under the condition of high temperature, that is, when the food and the preservative film are heated or even boiled

European regulations on food safety and public health I 3. It is the strictest to press the broach up key after the impact specimen notch broaching machine runs well. In May this year, they have fully launched the latest special preservative film for fatty food. In this way, the fresh-keeping film can meet the standards of the new European regulations to be issued in 2004. Other European fresh-keeping film manufacturers will follow suit and jointly launch new standards. China's General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the food hygiene department have carried out exchanges with Europe in terms of industry standards and management systems, which has brought important information to the PVC industry. Paying attention to the safety of PVC fresh-keeping film and making Europe's advanced ideas in current regulations and management methods have very important implications for the daily chemical industry, especially for PVC fresh-keeping film manufacturers

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