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Metrand waterproof coating is awesome's one-stop support to build a copper wall and iron wall and eliminate all problems

metrand waterproof coating is awesome's one-stop support to build a copper wall and iron wall and eliminate all problems

August 28, 2018

waterproof coating is a cement mortar concrete mixed with waterproof agent. During the hydration and solidification process, the effective ingredients of waterproof agent will close and block pores and micro cracks, The cement mortar concrete itself has waterproof effect. The waterproof paint forms an integral waterproof film waterproof layer on the building surface through polymer coating to achieve waterproof, sealing and other effects

Metatron waterproof coating has excellent performance. The existing waterproof coating products of Metatron waterproof coating include K11 waterproof coating, rigid waterproof coating, flexible waterproof coating and other more than ten kinds of Chinese coatings. In the production process, the products are strictly implemented in accordance with high standards, large-scale, standardized and modular, so as to ensure that there are no problems in quality. It is a coating brand trusted by consumers

Metatron waterproof coating is colorless, non-toxic, non combustible, non-volatile, acid resistant, corrosion-resistant, and does no harm to human body. It only needs low-pressure spray to spray directly on dry buildings, which can be waterproof for a long time. But the construction of waterproof craftsman coating is simple and convenient. It does not smash floor tiles, saving money, time and trouble

matterand floor tile sealant is rich in color, natural and delicate, does not fade, and has a strong decorative effect. Ceramic tiles of different colors have different effects, which can enhance the overall beauty of the wall and ground, and make the whole wall and ground no longer have cracks. Meitelang floor tile beauty joint agent, green environmental protection, ceramic tile beauty joint expert. Metron floor tile sealant, one-stop awesome support, create an iron wall, and eliminate all problems

new waterproof materials join in. Metran waterproof coating chain join in as a green environmental protection material, which does not pollute the environment, has stable performance, excellent aging resistance, long waterproof life, safe use, convenient construction, simple operation, and can directly choose the thermally induced phase method on the wet base surface without open water. The main driving factors include direct control of morphology and porosity, low possibility construction of defect composition, and strong adhesion, The degree of adhesion between the material and the cement base surface can be an index that shows how the tested values of experimental force and displacement are in line with the actual values. It reaches more than 0.5MPa, and has good bonding performance for most materials. With the addition of new waterproof materials, metran waterproof coating has good elasticity and elongation up to 200%. Therefore, it has excellent crack resistance, frost resistance and low temperature flexibility

Midrand waterproof coating is a powerful brand with good waterproof raw materials, scientific proportion and remarkable waterproof effect. It is well-known in the industry and is deeply affirmed by everyone. If such an advantageous brand, it will also create a unique service system to bring you advantageous services, which will be highly praised by the market. If you want to develop well in this industry, Lou Jianfeng, vice president of the Asia Pacific region of metron waterproof BASF characteristic materials business department, said that paint is a good choice to create wealth

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