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Anhui printing has come out of the trough (Part 2)

reorganize printing and wait for the "young" passenger car interior technology development strategy (huchanghua, the technical center of Dongfeng Motor Corporation)

like other regions in China, the next 5 to 10 years are a rare period of development opportunities for Anhui printing industry. As long as the smoke of war cannot afford, we should cherish time and catch up. Moreover, Anhui printing industry also has unique advantages

1. Anhui is not only a province with a population of 64million and 11million primary and secondary school students, but also a large light industry province rich in tobacco, wine, tea, medicine and household appliances. There is great potential for consumption of publications, packaging and bill supplies. As long as the consumption increases, it will inevitably stimulate the development of the printing industry. According to the statistics of 13 large-scale packaging and printing enterprises in the province, the total sales revenue was 95.44 million yuan in 2002, and reached Jinan Shijin in 2003. It is an enterprise specializing in the production of experimental instruments and meters. It always adheres to the principle of customer first and honesty, and has established long-term cooperative relations with many enterprises Sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, investigate and negotiate business 1.1 billion yuan, an increase of 11.7%

2. Anhui is a famous Hui merchant and the birthplace of Hui culture, with beautiful mountains and rivers, profound cultural heritage and rich resources. It is conducive to the printing industry to take advantage of the celebrity, famous mountain and famous water effect to achieve great success and obtain more business opportunities. For example, publishing and printing has tasted the sweetness by taking celebrities such as Li Hongzhang, Zhang Ailing and Fu Lei as clues to develop the market

3. Anhui is an economically underdeveloped region, with limited employment opportunities, sufficient surplus labor and low labor prices, which is conducive to printing enterprises to reduce labor costs and attract foreign investment

4. Anhui provincial Party committee and government attach importance to the development of cultural industry, take the cultural industry, including printing, as one of the important objectives of the initial stage of building a well-off society, and give public opinion support and policy preference, which is conducive to the printing industry to take advantage of the momentum

it is precisely because of the many favorable conditions for the development of Anhui's printing industry that investors inside and outside the province have applied to set up printing enterprises, which is very popular. Last year, 126 printing enterprises were newly approved in the province. From January to August this year, another 119 printing enterprises were listed for business

how to keep the printing industry in Anhui Province, which has just come out of the trough of its parameter selection experimental machine, to maintain a good momentum of development, and then to a higher level, our plan is:

1 Firmly establish the main business concept of "development is the first priority" in the printing industry. In view of the actual situation of the province, we should especially overcome the mediocre thought of "peace with a small fortune", "muddle along", and even "peace without wealth", resolutely break through all ideological concepts and institutional shortcomings that hinder the development of the printing industry, and unify our understanding and action with the spirit of "concentrating on construction and wholeheartedly seeking development" proposed by the 16th CPC National Congress. Printing management departments at all levels and all kinds of printing enterprises should formulate medium - and short-term development goals and corresponding safeguard measures from the actual situation of the local system, and strive to achieve the goals by doing real work and fighting against the enemy

2. Plan the overall layout of printing development. Based on the reality of Anhui Province, the development of different types of printing enterprises should be treated differently. Support packaging and decoration printing enterprises to accelerate their development, and appropriately control the development of publications and other printing enterprises. The layout of publication printing should take Hefei as the center, Wuhu as the fulcrum in the South and Suzhou as the fulcrum in the north, radiating to the whole province; Help Bozhou create conditions for the establishment of publication printing enterprises, and end the long history of no publication printing enterprises in the Anhui section of the Henan Anhui border. The layout of packaging, decoration and printing should take Tongcheng as the center, Huangshan as the fulcrum in the south, Fuyang as the fulcrum in the north, Lu'an as the fulcrum in the West and Ma'anshan as the fulcrum in the East, radiating to the whole province

3. Accelerate the pace of enterprise restructuring. Under the historical conditions of the establishment of the socialist market economic system and the major adjustment of the industrial structure, the printing capital, whose property right relationship is still a single state-owned nature, can no longer adapt to the solution of a series of deep-seated contradictions, and the property right problem has become the main obstacle to the development of the market economy. We should take the "capital norms for large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises to establish a modern enterprise system and strengthen management" as the guiding principle, carry out joint-stock reform by attracting foreign capital, combining, merging, acquiring, cooperating and other ways, so as to withdraw state-owned or collective capital from the ranks of competition, turn long-term single investment subjects into diversified investment subjects, and establish clear property rights, self-restraint, self-management Self improving independent corporate governance structure

4. Vigorously promote technological transformation. Transform the traditional printing industry with high and new technology, resolutely eliminate backward equipment, adjust measures to local conditions, and lose no time in introducing advanced technology and equipment at home and abroad. Create conditions, take the lead in carrying out informatization and networking construction in some enterprises, mobilize regions that do not have four-color offset printing machines to fill the gap, and promote Anhui Sino German printing training center to use a low interest loan of 6.4 million euros to introduce the first eight color commercial rotary machine and other high-end equipment to meet the needs of teaching experiments, and support the first CTP to settle down in 10000 households of Jingyi in Hefei

5. Take the road of joint and integrated development. Overcoming the consequences of low-level repeated construction and reversing the situation of small, weak and decentralized enterprises is one of the obstacles that Anhui printing industry must overcome to achieve leapfrog development. We must be determined to integrate and restructure small printing enterprises of the same location, the same kind and the same nature through administrative, economic, educational and other means, so as to realize complementary advantages and avoid disorderly competition. When conditions permit, through joint efforts, several printing groups with prominent main businesses, diversified businesses, and considerable scale and competitiveness will be established to build the "aircraft carrier" of Anhui's printing industry

6. Implement talent strategy. Economic development generally goes through three promotion stages: production factor promotion, capital promotion and innovation promotion. The promotion of each stage is inseparable from the support of talent. Printing enterprises should base their talents on the exploration and training of their own units, strengthen on-the-job training, cultivate enterprise culture, and improve the quality of all employees; On this basis, introduce high-level compound talents from outside as appropriate, and strive to run Anhui Sino German printing training center well, so as to deliver more printing technical backbones for the province and the country

7. Use "two markets and two resources". Carry forward the entrepreneurial spirit of "thousands of mountains and rivers, thousands of families and thousands of hardships" of Tongcheng printers, actively explore the printing market outside the province and even abroad, and strive to expand the market share of Anhui printing without losing local customers. We should not only develop the main printing industry, but also carry out diversified operations. Promote Hefei Xinghua printing's experience of obtaining huge development funds through three land replacements, and complete the expansion of low-cost capital, which has made a significant contribution to the progress of China's plastic molding equipment manufacturing industry. Support Huangshan Yongxin, Wannan Haifeng packaging and printing and other strong enterprises to establish chain operations outside the province

8. Strictly control the market access of new printing enterprises. We will conscientiously implement the "Interim Provisions on the qualifications of printing operators" to enable new enterprises to "live and grow"

"reorganize the rivers and mountains and wait for the mountains behind". The new generation of Anhui printers hold the "baton" and March hard on the stage of the printing industry

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