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The printing industry in Japan is not optimistic, and a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises have closed down.

according to Japan's Xinhua overseas Chinese news, on August 10, the bill related to the increase of consumption tax was passed by the house of Representatives, with 188 votes in favor in the vote of the Japanese Senate, and officially came into force. Analysts said that after the act takes effect, small and medium-sized enterprises, which employ most of the labor force and support Japan's manufacturing industry, will suffer from extinction and collapse in large numbers

according to Japan's "Tokyo" news, the survey shows that 67% of small and medium-sized enterprises are not only worried about the increase of tax burden, but also because of their weak position on consumers, it is difficult to transfer the burden through price increases. Recently, many small and micro enterprises have stopped because of the rise in electricity charges of Tokyo Electric Power Company. Scaled composite will actively carry out ground and flight test camps in Mojave air force and spaceport, and more enterprises are joining the team of closure. This situation is particularly serious in Daejeon District of Tokyo, where small and medium-sized enterprises are concentrated. Zhoujiubaoliming, President of the Daejeon Industry Federation and the operator of the metal processing association, was also not spared because of the rise in the consumption tax rate. There are many factors affecting his color difference. Now we should not only worry about the operation of the enterprise, but also solve the problem of rising costs

zhoujiubao said that for small and medium-sized enterprises, the rise in purchase prices is the biggest problem. For example, when purchasing machinery and raw materials, with a consumption tax rate of 10million yen, it will increase the burden of 300000 yen per month because the consumption tax rate has increased by 3% since April 2014. After one year, the cost will be increased by 3.6 million yen, which is equivalent to the annual salary of an employee. At present, most small and medium-sized enterprises in Japan are in a state of loss, and more and more small and medium-sized enterprises will be in trouble because of tax increases

according to a survey by imperial survey, 67% of the small and medium-sized enterprises surveyed said that the increase in consumption tax would lead to a significant deterioration in business performance. The main reason for the interviewed enterprises is that they cannot share the tax increase in the form of price increase. For the two-stage consumption tax promotion policy, small and medium-sized enterprises said that it was a great burden to change the system

terashima, the operator of a company engaged in software contracting business and sending technicians to enterprises, said that for the production of Qile high-rise building blocks and other toy products and packaging materials, it is not easy to reduce costs and raise prices only by racking our brains. The burden caused by the government's tax increase may ultimately be borne by enterprises

a company operator engaged in printing business in the Tokyo port area is also worried about the tax increase. He said that the tax increase will lead to the rise of printing prices, and many customers may use their own computers to print. The situation of the printing industry is not optimistic

whether politics really takes into account the people, and the voice for dissolving the house of Representatives earlier is becoming louder and louder. No matter how dissatisfied small and medium-sized enterprises are with the tax increase, because they can't bring too much benefits to politicians, they won't take the complaints of small and medium-sized enterprises too seriously

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