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Printing industry: carry forward advantages to face difficulties, strive to innovate to continue to succeed

I happened to have been to Xinjiang 40 years ago, which is also this season. The sweet honeydew melon and the diamond poplar on the roadside of Shihezi are the eternal memories in my mind. When you come back 40 years later, you will see the same high-rise buildings, the same supermarkets, the same crowded roads and the same youth fashion in Urumqi as in mainland cities. The scene in front of me tells me that the differentiation of cities is disappearing. No wonder my friend said that Xinjiang should go beyond Urumqi. However, for the printing industry, this is undoubtedly a good thing. It is precisely because of the prosperity of the economy and the development of consumption that it provides a broad market for printing. It is from the busy traffic in Urumqi that I see the hope for the further development of the printing industry in Xinjiang from the brilliant lights. The key words of my speech today are advantage, difficulty, innovation and success. Why to say advantage? Because in the face of many difficulties, we must face it with advantage to have prospects; Why should we innovate? Because it is difficult to break through the old way, we must continue to develop in order to succeed. 1、 The printing industry faces many common difficulties, some from the outside, some from the inside, that is, from the environment and itself; Some come from history, some from the present, that is, from mechanism and competition; Some are common to the industry, and some are unique to the enterprise. I think the following 12 points are the difficulties and problems faced by the industry. 1. The growth rate of printing equipment is faster than that of the printing market, and the printing market as a whole shows a situation of supply exceeding demand. 2. The situation of supply exceeding demand leads to irrational price competition in the printing industry, which puts itself in trouble. 3. The rapid commercialization of publishing houses has made them tighten their budgets, pay more and more attention to printing prices, suppress labor prices, and form a misunderstanding of "it is reasonable to accept ultra-low labor prices". 4. The rapid development of electronic publishing and interconnection has reduced the growth rate of paper-based printing volume and continues to exist. 5. The customers of book and periodical printing have read - from the publishing house to the whole society, because most of the new customers do not know much about the printing technology, it often causes difficulties in communication and complicates the printing marketing technology. 6. Pursue the expansion of product coverage by specialized equipment in printing technology, such as batch production of digital printing and short version production of rotary printing, which will impact the traditional offset printing field. 7. The improvement speed of staff quality cannot catch up with the introduction and renewal speed of new technology and equipment. The low quality of some staff has seriously affected the utilization rate of equipment and the promotion of new technology. 8. The unstable and unpredictable price rise of printing raw and auxiliary materials makes printing enterprises unable to accurately control their own costs. 9. The number of imported equipment has been large, but the localization production of electronic parts, vulnerable parts and common parts of imported printing machinery has not been formed, which makes the maintenance and maintenance cost of imported equipment too high. 10. The gradual disappearance of cheap human resources in China is weakening the biggest cost advantage of the printing industry. Coupled with low labor productivity and rising comprehensive costs of enterprises, China's idea of becoming a world printing base has been tested. 11. Due to the improper scale of many printing enterprises, the potential of enterprises cannot be brought into normal play. Some printing enterprises are too large, exceeding the enterprise scale limit that the supervisor can effectively control, and no one can control the production and operation process of the enterprise; Some printing enterprises are too small in scale, and the ratio of marketing and management costs to production costs is too large, forming a deformed body with a large head and a small body. 12. The ambitious development plan of the printing industry and the world's paper resources, namely wood pulp resources There is an irreconcilable spear between the finiteness of wood resources "The anti-monopoly law enforcement agencies investigate and deal with the abuse of market arrangement status, time shield, etc. of course, these difficulties also include the transition from tradition to modernity, the subversion of modernity to tradition, the changes that must be faced up to, and the opportunities and challenges given by the times. Second, the premise of carrying forward the advantages is to be clear about the advantages. In the face of many difficulties, what should we do? First, rely on the government, second, rely on associations, and third, rely on ourselves. The government's policies and regulations are very important We should be able to solve our own insurmountable obstacles to development; The association is an enterprise's own organization, which can do things that a single enterprise can't do at all. However, it is the enterprise itself that is the most critical to solve its own problems. In the same way, how to distinguish mechanical experimental machines? Under the environment and conditions, some enterprises are booming, and some enterprises are declining. The same enterprise continued to develop in the past few years, and then stagnated or declined rapidly in the next few years, most of which were due to their own diagnosis. What does the enterprise depend on itself? Obviously, we need to develop our own advantages. The premise of developing advantages is to know the advantages. 1. What are the advantages of enterprises? There are many advantages of printing enterprises. The following 16 are the advantages of enterprises I have seen: a long and glorious history; Accurate corporate culture; The entrepreneurial spirit of hard work; Persistent brand building; Persistent market development; Improve resource utilization; Develop the first-class consciousness of bio based plastics to win by quality; Long term strategic layout; Management oriented administrative guidance; Effective workflow; Continuously updated advanced equipment; Advanced technology that dares to be first; Loose and harmonious working environment; Focus on future training projects; Humanized personnel management; Funding schemes that encourage progress; The moral style of acting from top to bottom, and so on. 2. The focus of management is to carry forward the advantages. The advantages of enterprises are not eternal, but time-consuming. Advantages are like guns and bullets. If they are not used for a long time, they will rust. Advantages are the savings of enterprises for many years and one of the important intangible assets. We must revitalize them and let them play a role. Advantage refers to the ability to make an enterprise surpass its peers in market competition and make its business development in a leading position. The task of enterprise managers is to understand their own advantages, especially those unique advantages, and make use of the situation of few competitors in the market, we must carry forward them to make the enterprise develop differently. Today's advantages that can also be played are often the competitiveness of enterprises. 3. Cultivate advantages to eliminate bottlenecks and carry forward advantages. In the internal management of enterprises, it is often manifested in using advantages to solve the bottleneck problems in production and operation. Some bottleneck problems cannot be solved for a long time, one of the reasons is that there is no advantage to solve the problem. What should I do? It's very simple to cultivate advantages. Advantage is not innate, but cultivated after tomorrow. If the bottleneck problem is not solved, it will hinder the exertion of other advantages. For example, the operating rate is insufficient, and the advantages of equipment cannot be brought into play. We need to cultivate market advantages to deal with it and clear the bottleneck of scheduling; For example, there are many product quality accidents, and the production advantage cannot be brought into play. We need to cultivate technical advantages to deal with them and improve the staff's heart and technical level; And play the most important role in food protection. For example, due to the large flow of personnel, the advantages of corporate culture cannot be brought into play. We need to cultivate the advantages of human resources and policies to deal with it, and improve the management ability and cohesion of department managers. No matter what bottleneck is found, we can cultivate corresponding advantages to solve it. 3、 Advantages are of the times, and enhance advantages for innovation 1 In this era, the fundamental factors for the development of enterprises remain unchanged: quality, scale, cost, technology, capital, management and talents. However, China's economy is in a period of instability and rise. The history of world economic development tells us that innovation is very important in this period. This is true in all walks of life, as well as printing. It will not escape from Amoy because of the improvement of the quality of lead printing -; It will not prevent the rapid development of digital prepress due to the improvement of the quality of jigsaw printing. Be innovative! In this era of innovation, the development of enterprises mainly depends on innovation ability! However, because our printing enterprises position themselves as users of advanced equipment and processors of customer orders, innovation is obviously insufficient. 2. Innovation is a shortcut to run an enterprise. Of course, we hope to achieve sustainable development, that is, we should continue to achieve success. Success is our goal. Everyone wants to be bigger and stronger. Many enterprises are rapidly growing in size, but "big" does not necessarily mean "strong". Calculating the per capita sales revenue and profit, and calculating the sales revenue and profit of 100 yuan of fixed assets, often makes people restless. Therefore, people all hope to have a shortcut to success. However, reality tells us: there is no shortcut to take, but to climb tirelessly! However, innovation can speed up development, because innovation has led us to cross the outdated stage that has been submerged under the cloud of the times, let us start at a high position and get closer to the goal of success. Therefore, innovation has become a shortcut to success! According to this idea, the innovation of enterprises must have a sense of the times: when you are still talking about restructuring, others are seizing your market; When you are still talking about how to get rid of the disadvantages of familiarization, modern enterprise system has been established in some enterprises; When you are still talking about whether to introduce junior college students, other enterprise clerks have popularized the foundation of junior college culture; When the topic you are determined to improve has fallen behind for 5 or 10 years, the improvement or innovation has also been referred to - not much use. In other words: enterprises are competitors who stand on the same starting line in today's market. Don't think about things behind the starting line anymore. Be clear about the gap between themselves and their advanced competitors, and try to catch up with and surpass them. 3. The purpose of bringing advantages into the times is to promote innovation. Enterprise managers should always study today's business environment and technological progress, know what the focus of competition is, and examine whether their traditional advantages are still useful with the eyes of the times, such as a large number of people, a long history, etc., which help to increase today's competitiveness, and which advantages are useful, so they can be called advantages. As I said earlier, in this era of innovation, the development of enterprises mainly depends on innovation ability. Therefore, we should use our advantages to promote innovation in order to form new competitiveness. Only by bringing advantages into this era characterized by transformation, advantages are advantages! Innovation is not taking the form. Simple form change is not innovation. It is different in normal operation

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