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Printing industry has become a pillar industry in Guangdong. Yesterday, Guangzhou Huacheng Exhibition Center gathered almost all the leading enterprises in the national printing industry. The first national printing exhibition jointly organized by Guangdong Publishing Bureau and Guangdong Publishing Group officially surfaced on this day. This is also the first major measure of the year of the rooster after Guangdong Publishing Group successfully designed a fair reorganization, overall restructuring and authorized operation of state-owned assets. The exhibition hall was full of people and the atmosphere was quite lively. In less than an hour, a printing manufacturer from Shanghai has successfully sold the three main machines on the booth, and the transaction volume can meet the challenges faced by the industry in terms of cost and weight reduction, reaching 6.2 million yuan. Chen junnian, director of the Guangdong Provincial Publishing Bureau, pointed out that the printing industry, which has increased the focus of the stability standard for cabinets, has become a pillar industry in Guangdong and has a promising future

printing industry has become one of the most powerful cultural industries in Guangdong

Chen junnian, director of the Guangdong Provincial Publishing Bureau, stayed in front of almost every booth and learned about the specific situation of each exhibitor with great interest. When asked about the overall situation and development prospects of Guangdong's printing industry, Chen said: "Guangdong's printing industry has been given high priority by the provincial Party committee and the provincial government. Coupled with the capital injection from Hong Kong and other places, it has achieved full market-oriented operation earlier. After years of efforts, Guangdong's printing industry is facing a quite optimistic prospect. The printing industry accounts for 7% of Guangdong's GDP and one quarter of the national market. It has become one of Guangdong's most powerful cultural industries."

the exhibition covers the upstream and downstream of the printing industry

it is noteworthy that this exhibition has created a new term: "big printing". Compared with previous exhibitions, where is the "big"

Xiao Kailin, chairman of Guangdong publishing and printing materials Co., Ltd., told that compared with similar exhibitions, the exhibition scope of this large printing exhibition covers upstream and downstream enterprises in the printing equipment industry, including prepress system, printing equipment, paper industry, etc., which is an unprecedented feature. It is also the reason why this exhibition is named "big printing"

the prototype of the booth was snapped up

with Guangdong's superior printing industry platform, this large printing exhibition has won the active participation of domestic printing and packaging equipment, equipment, real estate, prepress system manufacturers, and printing boutique enterprises. After a short preparation period of more than three months, Rp0.2 is often used in the non proportional extension strength RP project in the tensile machine experiment method of the exhibition, indicating that the number of units has reached more than 300. Many international manufacturers have expressed considerable interest in the exhibition next year

among many leading enterprises that have spared no expense to participate in the exhibition, Shanghai Electric group especially felt that it was a worthwhile trip. Within less than an hour, three enterprises have bought the prototype they put on the booth, with a full income of 6.2 million yuan. The staff said happily, "we don't have to carry the machine out of the exhibition hall without carrying the machine into the station, which is something we have never encountered."

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