The hottest printing industry has been blacklisted

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The printing industry has been blacklisted as "backward manufacturing industry"

Zhejiang, which aims to improve its industrial structure through "advanced manufacturing industry", has made a strong move recently, trying to completely eliminate the backward production capacity in the manufacturing field in the form of "blacklist". A few days ago, it was learned from the Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Trade Commission that the Commission recently officially issued the catalogue of soluble chitin (chitosan) power that can be widely used by limiting and eliminating backward manufacturing energy and then removing acetyl groups with strong base under heating conditions. For the first time, it can not move up and down comprehensively to define "backward manufacturing"

according to the introduction, the "backward manufacturing" listed in the "Catalogue" involves nine major industries, including steel, nonferrous metals, building materials, light industry, textile, petrochemical, machinery, medicine, printing, etc., with a total of 430 processes, technologies and products, including 145 restricted and 285 eliminated and prohibited

steel, textile and cement were once the three industries in which Zhejiang businessmen had the most investment preferences, and the detailed regulations issued by the catalogue will bring an abrupt end to the blind investment in these fields. According to the catalogue, 18 projects in the iron and steel industry, including blast furnaces with a capacity of 300 cubic meters or less, except for professional cast iron pipes, will be eliminated and banned; The textile industry will restrict the construction of conventional chemical fiber spinning projects and printing and dyeing production lines that fail to meet environmental standards; The cement industry will restrict the construction and expansion of new dry process cement production lines with a daily output of 2500 tons or less, and eliminate mechanized vertical kilns, wet kilns, and dry process hollow kilns (except for the production of special cement). It is reported that the above-mentioned regulation and control behavior occupies a leading position in the country

"restricting and eliminating 'backward manufacturing' is the only way to speed up the adjustment of Zhejiang's industrial structure and the transformation of growth mode." Ling Yun, director of the advanced manufacturing base office of the Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Trade Commission, believes that at present, the phenomenon of "low, small and scattered" industry in Zhejiang Province is still very prominent, and has not yet been able to get rid of the cycle of high input, high consumption, high emissions and low efficiency

information source: Oriental Morning Post

at the same time, it can also avoid affecting the application life of machine parts

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