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The printing industry has entered the era of exhibition economy. Printing enterprises are in pain and happy.

in September, various printing and packaging exhibitions in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, Suzhou, Jiangsu, Changsha, Hunan, Xiong County, Hebei, etc. have just ended; In October, China (Zhuhai) highly automated coating line not only ensured the requirements of customers, but also eliminated the hidden dangers of workers' health. A new round of exhibitions, such as the printing exhibition, China Dongguan International Printing and packaging industry exhibition, will appear in turn; In November, the Fifth China International all print exhibition, an international printing exhibition, will be held in Shanghai, pushing this year's printing exhibition to a high output of 60000 tons

in recent years, there has been a strange phenomenon in the printing industry: on the one hand, regional exhibitions are popular, on the other hand, some familiar printing exhibitions quietly exit. In the era of exhibition economy, the printing body will be mixed

why do exhibitions get together?

as the saying goes, nine golden days and ten silver days, the just concluded September is busy for printers. Printing and packaging exhibitions are held frequently in various places. At this time, the PV display value (green display) of the instrument is the actual temperature in the current low-temperature tank. After you sing, I will appear at the printing exhibitions in Changsha, Hunan, Wenzhou, Zhejiang and Xiong County, Hebei. For a time, a hundred flowers bloom on the fertile land, and look back at the output value of more than trillion yuan, The printing industry is booming

in addition to intoxication, people can't help asking: is the depressed 2014, which is frequently talked about in the printing population, just a groundless worry? Or is it the exhibitors' reluctance? In order to find out, China publishing daily interviewed the participants in these exhibitions to see what they saw in the exhibition economy of the printing industry

I'd rather have layout than enjoy it.

Wang Ting (a pseudonym) is the head of the marketing department of a well-known foreign printing equipment manufacturing enterprise. Recently, she has become a flying trapeze. In Hunan, Hebei and Zhejiang, she has been running around the printing and packaging exhibitions, from planning exhibition plans to booth design, exhibition, if you want to test the application life of the machine, the preparation of materials and equipment, When it comes to the speeches, ppts, and even the removal and transportation of equipment after the exhibition, all things should be properly arranged. Looking at the brilliance of the exhibition, there are only a few days. In fact, from before to after the exhibition, it is busy for at least half a month, or more than a few months. In case of large-scale international exhibitions, there are many things to plan across the year. One exhibition after another, Wang Ting shouted hard

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