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Packaging design should be rich in national style

every country and nation has its own unique national style. Her material culture has never been able to break with the spiritual culture knife axe graphene in the study of the range of new energy vehicles, which is always physically and invisibly linked

when people buy goods from our experimental machines in a wide range of markets, the first visual impression is often not the internal quality of the goods, but their appearance. In particular, the packaging of large houses is affected by environmental protection control of production enterprises, so the beauty of the packaging is the key to attract consumers' attention and love. Lu Xun RI: "if there is a local color, it is easy to become the world's attention." As long as the commodity packaging has local color, it will be different and full of impact on the counter. However, packaging design is different from other arts. Packaging design should conform to the principles of practicality, economy and beauty, and the practicality and economy of products are important requirements of people. Beauty is carried out on the premise of practicality and economy, and cannot be developed as freely as other arts. It is limited by production technology, process and other conditions. Packaging design is subordinate to commodities, and different commodities have different objective requirements. The changes of composition form, color allocation, pattern and text of the design are always conceived around the commodity. From theory to practice, there are different views and practices on how to embody national forms and local colors in packaging design. This is because there are too many categories of goods, which are often metabolic, and at the same time involve issues other than art. However, no matter which nationality's culture is enough to have its own unique appearance, the so-called national characteristics are to a greater extent to conform to the habits loved by the masses. Only by meeting the requirements of the masses can we make the products marketable. " The packaging design of "Shengu liquor" is based on this idea

"Shengu liquor" is produced in Jishou distillery in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Hunan Province. The scholar family and Miao nationality are the most numerous ethnic minorities in Hunan. On April 8 every year, girls dressed in holiday costumes come in groups to show off the silver ornaments full of stinging and singing, and the colorful flowers they embroider with their own hands: groups of tough and vigorous young men come in, bringing them all their skills, and beating the traditional God drum (also known as monkey drum) to commemorate the ancient hero "Yayi" who gave his life to eliminate evil and exorcise evil. The sound of "God drum" shocked the valley and enhanced people's infinite strength, Drove away evil. This divine drum has been widely known among the people for thousands of years, and it has also touched me, a Hedong man who has lived and worked in Hunan for more than 30 years. I use the shape of God drum to fill mellow wine at home. Isn't it also a mascot to eliminate evil and exorcise evil spirits? The bottle shape of Shengu liquor has strong local color, and their outer packaging must be harmonious and unified with the shape. Inspired by the Xiangxi cage, the outer packaging design of Shengu liquor is very different from the northern wooden box. The cage is square in all directions, with many things packed, and the two are side by side. It can be used as a bed at night, a stool during the day, and can be picked up when moving. The eight corners are inlaid with copper corners for protection?? The antique drum shaped bottle packaging made of this cage shape that every household has, coupled with the dancing posture of beating drums and the red, gold and black colors loved by the people of Western Hunan, was indeed welcomed by people

the main factor to measure the quality of a package is to see how the specific market is different. The experimental data show on the display screen that the packaging of Shengu wine is not only praised by peers, but also welcomed by users. The products sell well and have achieved good economic benefits

through the design of "shengusha" packaging, I deeply realize that the customs and surrounding environment of which region a designer lives in have a great impact on him. But no matter what the objective conditions are, the works of designers are always subjective. Design should have personality, not mechanically reflect and imitate all the characteristics and details of life, but should absorb some characteristics to visualize, so as to achieve a similarity between right and wrong, so as to have touching power that is not replaced by nature

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