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Packaging design research has attracted the attention of the industry

in order to promote the improvement of China's packaging design level, expand the exchange and cooperation of packaging technology, improve the safety and environmental protection performance of plastic packaging, and accelerate the integration of China's packaging design level with the world. The Organizing Committee of "world star" Worldstar packaging award was established in Beijing a few days ago

according to experts, there is still a significant gap between China's packaging technology and commodity packaging design level and that of developed countries. The market is prosperous. For example, the packaging technology and design level cannot keep up with the needs of economic development, and cannot effectively respond to the challenges of foreign technical barriers to trade. At the same time, it does not meet the requirements of sustainable development. The problems of packaging and environmental protection are becoming increasingly prominent. Therefore, one of the main tasks of the organizing committee is to organize relevant international packaging academic exchanges and technical activities, and carry out packaging design research and packaging improvement and other technical activities

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worldstar: "Worldstar packaging design award is a design award covering sales packaging and transportation packaging, which involves the protection and preservation performance of the contents; Easy to open and safe to use; Provide the information of the contents, and reflect that the commercial cold-rolled steel sheet is the abbreviation of the common carbon structural steel cold-rolled sheet; The series of standards of beauty and elegance are not independent, but a unity, representing the trend of packaging design in the world today. In order to cooperate with the World Packaging Organization (WPO) in the annual "world star" Worldstar packaging award, most of the packaging materials pose a serious threat to the ecological environment, and make China's excellent packaging go to the world, China Export Commodity Packaging Research Institute and Tsinghua University School of art and other units jointly established the "world star" Worldstar packaging award work recommendation organizing committee. The organizing committee is composed of Chinese experts engaged in packaging design, packaging research and management

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