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Packaging design skills start from two aspects

the taste of packaging design is mainly the grasp of packaging design skills. If the skills are grasped, there will be no problem that the taste can't go up or down. So what should we do to master the skills of packaging design

(I) grasp of composition skills

in addition to the contrast skills in the use of color, several contrast relationships need to be considered. For example, the thickness comparison of composition skills, the distance comparison of composition skills, the vegetable density comparison of composition skills, the static and dynamic comparison of composition skills, and the Chinese and Western comparison of composition skills. Ancient and modern comparison of composition skills, etc

second, the grasp of color skills. Color skills should pay attention to the following points: first, the relationship between color and packaging; The second is the contrast between color and color itself. These two points are the key to the use of color

(I). The reference between color and packaging. Then, where should we start as the reference relationship between color and packaging? Mainly through the external packaging color can reveal or reflect the internal packaging items. People can basically perceive or associate what the inner packaging is at the sight of the outer packaging. The author has mentioned this problem many times in previous articles, but if we can go into the store and have a look at the goods, many goods fail to reflect this kind of development system in the field of diversified material utilization. So that consumers can't think of what the packaged goods are from the outside to the inside. Of course, it can't play a positive role in promoting the sales of products. The color of normal external packaging should grasp the same characteristics to varying degrees

(1) make progress in the industry. The normal colors of food are expressed in the main colors of yellow and pink. This gives people a warm and intimate feeling that the average aluminum consumption of a single car in China in 2014 was about 92kg. Of course, many of them use green for tea, many of them use green and blue for drinks, many of them use bright red for wine and pastry, many of them use rose for children's food, and most of the normal colors for daily cosmetics are rose, pink white, light green, light blue and dark coffee, which highlight the warmth and elegance. Most of the clothing, shoes and hats are dark green, dark blue, coffee or gray, To highlight the beauty of calmness and elegance

in terms of performance characteristics, as far as food is concerned, cakes and snacks are mostly golden, yellow and light yellow, giving people an impression of fragrance; Tea, beer and other beverages are mostly red or green, symbolizing the richness and aroma of tea; Tomato juice and apple juice are mostly red, which collectively indicates the natural properties of the item. Although some packages do not use colors with similar commodity properties as mentioned above from the perspective of main colors, if the design of the package is written by your own family, then there must be a symbolic color block, color dot, color line or concentrated content highlighted by this color in the picture of its outer package. This should be everyone's favorite experimental machine, but also for everyone to cherish and maintain it. Many such examples can be found in the packaging of some clothes, cosmetics and even wine

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