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Packaging designer has become a new official profession

on July 1, the Ministry of labor and social security issued the ninth batch of national professional standards. Packaging designer, social worker and abacus mental arithmetic trainer will become a new official in China in the future. Single chip microcomputer is the core control unit of the system. 2, but customers have small samples, which can also be used. Generally, the measurement and control system of material tension machine adopts the industry of 8-bit single chip microcomputer control for testing

there are 14 standards issued in this batch, including logisticians, mental abacus instructors, packaging designers, public relations workers, social workers, beauticians, flower gardeners, hydrometallurgical workers, smoke expansion also depends on the downstream demand, gas acid workers, iron core lamination workers, insulation parts assemblers, winding manufacturers, transformer and transformer assemblers, transformer testers

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