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Packaging enterprises should do a good job in docking

after China's accession to the world trade organization, the market within the national 4.3 test standard will be internationalized, and the international market will be nationalized, which brings both opportunities and challenges to China's packaging industry. Facing the new opportunities and challenges, only by actively implementing the internationalization strategy and trying to integrate with the world from all aspects of the enterprise, can the enterprise build its core competitiveness, enhance its strength to participate in international competition, and achieve the goal of leapfrog development in the new century. To be specific, packaging enterprises must pay attention to several docking in order to develop

docking of ideas. After China's entry into WTO, many new ideas and new viewpoints will impact people's traditional ideas unprecedentedly. These new ideas will have a fierce collision with traditional ideas. The results of this collision will undoubtedly make our ideas updated rapidly. Domestic enterprises should take the opportunity of joining the WTO to carry out an ideological liberation movement with the theme of changing their minds and renewing their ideas, and establish a new concept among cadres and workers that can meet the requirements of modern market economy and can display, record and print experimental data in real time

make good operation records and connect the operation mechanism. After joining the WTO, domestic enterprises are facing more intense international competition while participating in domestic competition. Compared with large international companies, our biggest weakness is that our management system and operation mechanism are incompatible with the market economy. In this regard, we must deepen reform, establish a modern enterprise system that is in line with international standards, standardize the corporate governance structure, form an enterprise organizational structure with clear division of labor, each fulfilling its duties, mutual restriction and coordination, and take part in competition with light equipment. And through the discussion of standardized listing and other forms, in order to absorb and organize more social capital, give full play to the role of state-owned capital, and promote the rapid development of enterprises

docking of talent mechanism. In the final analysis, the competition of enterprises is the competition of talents. For those Chinese enterprises that are going to the world, the pressure of international competition makes them feel that they can't do anything without talents. Through open recruitment, enterprises should select and appoint talents who have real leadership ability, are familiar with WTO rules and are familiar with modern management, establish a training, incentive and restraint mechanism for all kinds of talents, ensure that talents can be attracted and retained, and stimulate their work enthusiasm and enthusiasm to the greatest extent

countermeasures for scientific and technological development. After joining the WTO, with the rapid development of economic globalization and science and technology, domestic enterprises should strive to establish a science and technology development system that is in line with international standards and has strong adaptability, give full play to the advantages and strength of domestic colleges and universities and scientific research institutions, establish a stable cooperative relationship with them, and form an industry university research integration mechanism that shares interests and risks. On the basis of introducing, digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology, Increase the ability of independent development and innovation, so that enterprises can truly become the main body of technological innovation, market competition and development, walk out of a path of technological innovation suitable for their own characteristics, form their own core technology and core competitiveness, and take the development and development of advantageous products with market potential as the starting point, and increase the pace of product structure optimization

docking of marketing. After joining the WTO, the domestic market will be internationalized and the international market will be nationalized. Only by going out and participating in global competition can we win space for enterprise development. Only by paying attention to overseas "localization" marketing promotion and sales, can we go to the international market and shape a global brand image. Only by establishing an all-round and multi-channel sales network can we maximize product coverage. Only by consolidating traditional markets, entering emerging markets, competing for hot markets and developing potential markets can we remain invincible

docking of enterprise management. Many domestic enterprises have a relatively low level of modern management, and the management level can not meet the needs of internationalization. If the management cannot keep up, the human, financial and material resources of the enterprise cannot be reasonably allocated and operated efficiently, resulting in idle resources, waste and rising costs. If the management can't keep up with it, we can't meet the needs of the amorphous plastic developed by modern enterprises, which is best used in the occasions that need transparency, beautiful appearance, high gloss, high dimensional accuracy and stability. We should establish a scientific and standardized management system and operation procedures, resulting in low work efficiency, poor product quality and so on. After joining the WTO, facing the acceleration of economic globalization, enterprises should actively introduce foreign advanced management experience, and integrate with the world in terms of management ideas, management methods, management means, management mechanisms, etc., so as to continuously enhance the competitive strength of enterprises

docking of organizational structure. Collectivization and large-scale are the basic trend of modern enterprises. After joining the WTO, domestic enterprises should seize the opportunity of expanding opening up after joining the WTO, accelerate the pace of enterprise restructuring, establish competitive enterprise groups, and make enterprises bigger and stronger. Small enterprises should also form their own competitive advantages through system reform and mechanism transformation, establish close cooperative relations with large enterprises, and improve the socialization level of production

docking of development strategies. China's accession to the WTO means that China's economy will integrate with the world economy in depth and breadth at a faster speed, and there will no longer be domestic competition and foreign competition. In this context, we should have a world vision and international awareness in thinking, handling and working, formulate a development strategy oriented to economic globalization and integration, and put it into action in the whole production and operation decision-making and implementation

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