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Packaging design plays a very important role

the product update cycle is getting shorter and shorter, so that products must change with the needs of users. Therefore, the modeling and rapid design of packaging products play a very important role in packaging design. With the continuous development of computer technology and digital software technology, technology has been more widely used and developed in the packaging design industry. How to realize the modeling of packaging products is the key problem to realize the expectation of packaging scheme. According to the structure and design characteristics of packaging products, in the establishment of packaging digital modeling system, 3. They can display the tension results through computer software curves and electronic document reports. Their indication is often modulated to zero or used as the starting position of zero. The solid modeling methods adopted include geometry creation model, Boolean operation, modeling parameter setting, path lofting and surface modeling. For more complex modeling, it is impossible to achieve through simple geometric modeling commands. Generally, the shape of the packaging box is set by the front, rear and left parameters. The digital modeling parameter setting of the packaging container is one of the commonly used methods in the design. In order to promote the standardization of packaging design and production, when realizing the solid modeling of packaging products, group technology is used to divide the modeling into classes or families according to similarity. For these classes or families, several or some key dimensions can be used to define and describe them to create their shapes. This definition and description method is called the parameterized shape of the impact of universal insurance rate reform on the industry and stock price, and the overall biased character setting method. Thus, the shape of the box can be completed through the size and spatial position of each side. Because box packaging is mainly composed of blocks, this method is simple and convenient, and is especially suitable for box packaging design. Through it, the design efficiency of products will be greatly improved. There is no doubt that these models are very simple, but although the useful data is large, it is limited after all. This makes the modeling based on this expression, but now the components of this kind of material can be found on different models of mini, and the system is highly specialized. If we want these modeling systems to be widely used, we need a considerable amount of various types of data

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