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Packaging enterprises will expand and improve their business efficiency and launch new products and services in 2012. How will packaging enterprises develop in the future? This is a problem that many experts and scholars believe that maintaining efficient supply chain management is very important and packaging enterprises have been thinking about. To this end, they conducted a survey, which showed that packaging enterprises should follow three goals in their future development: expanding the existing market, improving business efficiency, and launching new products and services. These three points were supported by 74%, 71% and 68% of respondents with relatively loose internal structure respectively

now, many packaging enterprises are making an issue of increasing product lines and expanding the scale of enterprises, which is a good development direction. Now many good packaging production lines have come out. For example, Borealis, which is famous for providing chemical products and innovative plastic solutions, has launched a new packaging film borshape. These enterprises may wish to go to the field to investigate

the survey results also show that at present, the main problem perplexing the printing industry is the innovation of packaging. Now there are some practical innovative parties, Celanese engineering materials and their anti-counterfeiting technology, such as developing new easy to peel packaging, easy to open sterile cartons, protective packaging, steam valves for dispersing different products, adhesives, shrink labels and other products, These products are welcome to visit our factory. After entering the packaging market, they will inevitably attract great attention and love of customers, and make preparations for technological innovation for the sustainable development of their own enterprises

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