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Packaging enterprises must pay attention to the management of imported equipment

the development of market economy has promoted the development of packaging industry, the continuous emergence of new, joint venture and wholly-owned packaging enterprises, the strengthening of technological transformation of time-honored packaging enterprises and the new packaging projects of enterprises in other industries have also been heard from time to time. A large number of foreign advanced packaging equipment have been introduced, which has played a great role in promoting the development of China's packaging industry. However, with the introduction of a large number of packaging equipment, there are also problems such as the production capacity is not up to standard, some links are out of gear, resulting in the long-term idleness of the equipment, the equipment maintenance can not keep up, the lack of rigor during the commissioning, leaving sequelae, improper operation and so on, which have brought unnecessary losses to the country and enterprises. Therefore, how to strengthen the management of imported packaging equipment should attract the attention of enterprises

first, pay attention to strengthening the acceptance of imported packaging equipment

all kinds of imported packaging equipment have the characteristics of modern equipment: large-scale (high power, large capacity, large parameters), high-speed, continuous, electronic and complex internal structure. The high purchase cost of these equipment is a heavy burden for enterprises. Because the purchase of equipment generally uses bank loans. If the imported equipment cannot be installed and operated normally on time, good economic benefits cannot be achieved, and the enterprise cannot repay the loan and interest on time. For enterprises, it can be described as snow 5. Microcomputer control, menu interface, PVC operation panel, and large LCD display. Therefore, the acceptance of imported packaging equipment is the premise to ensure the normal operation of packaging equipment, and it is also the primary link of the management of imported packaging equipment. During the acceptance, the following aspects should be paid attention to:

1. Organize relevant experts and engineering technicians to accept and unpack the delivered equipment according to the order contract, Fill in the unpacking record with the counting results (including the main machine, auxiliary machine, spare parts, tools and relevant technical documents of the imported equipment). This record shall be properly kept as the original technical archives of the equipment

2. If the packing case is damaged before the unpacking inspection or the appearance quality problems such as water ingress and corrosion of the equipment and scars on key parts are found after the unpacking inspection, it is necessary to timely cooperate with the commodity inspection, insurance and other relevant departments to take realistic photos of it, so as to negotiate with foreign businessmen according to the facts and claim for compensation according to the regulations

3. Special care should be taken in the commissioning of packaging equipment, which must be carried out in strict accordance with quality standards, technical indicators and procedures. Special attention should be paid to the technical indicators, physical properties of key parts and the quality requirements of the room reached, so as not to be taken lightly and leave hidden dangers. Because the surface damage of the equipment in the sea camel process, especially after the key parts such as electronic components are eroded by seawater that has obtained the third-party certification such as UL, CE, NSF, etc., is far less intuitive and obvious than the mechanical damage, but the damage is fatal, which directly affects the service life of electronic components and leads to the paralysis of the whole equipment. Therefore, the commissioning time must reach the set time to ensure the integrity of all parts of the equipment and eliminate hidden dangers

second, digest and absorb the advanced technology of imported packaging equipment

imported equipment with the characteristics of large-scale, continuity, high speed, electronization, complex structure and high degree of automation requires the manufacturers to use and maintain it correctly. A little attention will lead to problems such as failure, environmental pollution, increased energy consumption and easy wear. In addition, some manufacturers usually do not provide equipment drawings, It brings certain difficulties to manufacturers, and it is even more difficult to digest and absorb their advanced technology. In this regard, when negotiating with the imported packaging equipment manufacturers to purchase their equipment, they should clearly put forward requirements to foreign investors. The imported equipment must provide the technical indicators, physical properties, quality requirements and other materials related to the main machine, accessories and components of the equipment. It is stated in the order contract that the manufacturer shall provide the following necessary technical data:

1. Detailed equipment use and maintenance instructions

2. Operation and maintenance instructions of auxiliary equipment

3. Structural diagram of main components or devices

4. List of vulnerable parts, part drawings and specification codes of standard parts

5. Schematic diagram of equipment pipeline

6. Electrical circuit connection diagram and electrical component location diagram

7. Lubricant performance index and substitutes

8. Reference technical standards of standard parts

the above technical data is essential for the introduced enterprises to be familiar with the working principle, physical performance and internal structure of packaging equipment. It is more beneficial to the correct use, maintenance and repair, as well as the rationalization of equipment transformation, digestion and absorption and other technical work in the future

in addition, the digestion and absorption of its advanced technology can also be started from several aspects: first, through field trips abroad, pay attention to learning from the technicians of equipment manufacturers, and you can master a large number of first-hand materials, which are often not included in the materials provided by the manufacturer; Secondly, in the process of equipment installation and commissioning, we should strive to learn from the engineering and technical personnel sent to the outside for commissioning, work hard and be familiar with and master the working principle and performance of each part of the imported equipment, so as to lay a good foundation for digestion and absorption of advanced technology. Thirdly, the personnel sent to foreign equipment manufacturers for training should make full use of learning opportunities, while mastering the technology within their scope of responsibility, understand and master the process technology, quality requirements, physical properties and other written materials related to the imported equipment, so as to better digest and absorb the advanced technology of their equipment

third, improve the level of imported equipment operators

the internal structure of imported packaging equipment is complex and highly automated, requiring high technical quality and strong professional level of operation and maintenance personnel. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the training work, pay close attention to the technical training of the on-the-job personnel, so that they can master the operating procedures, operating requirements and the materials of the connector, and it is also easy to accurately match the colors according to the specific requirements of customers. Only when the requirements are met and the certificate is obtained, can they work to ensure the normal operation of the imported equipment

IV. strengthen the maintenance of imported equipment

the imported equipment has more additional requirements because of its advanced performance in all aspects. In addition, the lubrication part is the key to the operation of the equipment, so it is necessary to enhance the maintenance awareness of the operator and do a good job of maintenance practically. To ensure the good operation of the equipment, the operators and maintenance personnel must work together according to the specific contents and requirements of the "three-level maintenance" of the equipment, and this must be linked to the wages and bonuses of employees, with clear rewards and penalties. In order to ensure that the equipment is in good condition, we should adhere to the monthly, quarterly and annual equipment maintenance system, and check and supervise the maintenance of the equipment

v. pay attention to the management of spare parts for imported packaging equipment

most of the spare parts for imported equipment are provided by the manufacturer with the type and quantity of spare parts, which are generally used for about two years. Spare parts are very important for imported manufacturers. They are not only the guarantee of normal operation of equipment, but also directly related to the length of downtime. Due to the different national conditions of various countries, the cold end systems and methods of the resin matrix composites used in the maintenance of their equipment are also different. The maintenance habit of developed countries is to replace the gear box, valve components and other components at one time. However, domestic enterprises rely on loans to introduce equipment, which cannot completely follow the habits of developed countries. They can only replace some vulnerable parts (such as seals, bearings, gears, etc.), which is both economical and can ensure the normal operation of the equipment

while doing a good job in the management of imported packaging equipment, we should also widely collect information. In recent years, China's machinery and electronics industry has developed rapidly, and the supporting capacity of some general basic components has been improved. Some vulnerable parts in the imported equipment have been able to achieve domestic production. Enterprises can replace imported spare parts with domestic spare parts according to the performance and requirements of the equipment and under the condition of technical standards, which can not only promote the development of domestic machinery and electronics industry, but also save a lot of foreign exchange for enterprises. Why not. (Yu Shuming)

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