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Zhejiang implements the "three stricts" for hazardous chemicals safety licensing. In view of the inconsistent construction time limit, the incoherent connection of NCM (nickel cobalt manganese ternary materials) 111, 523 and 622, and the nonstandard material performance in the construction process, Zhejiang Safety Supervision Bureau recently put forward three requirements to further tighten the safety licensing of hazardous chemicals construction projects

the three requirements are:

first, strictly enforce the application for safety permit of hazardous chemicals construction projects. Strictly implement the principle of hierarchical supervision of hazardous chemicals construction projects in accordance with laws and regulations, strictly eliminate the requirements of safety licensing procedures such as construction project establishment, safety facility design and completion acceptance according to their conditions, and strictly enforce the time limit requirements for the application of work safety license after the completion acceptance of the project

second, strictly enforce the phased time limit requirements for hazardous chemicals construction projects. Make it clear that the validity period of the safety review for the establishment of the construction project and the review opinion for the design of safety facilities are 2 years respectively; The trial production period of hazardous chemicals construction project is 6 months, generally not more than 1 year; It is required to complete the project completion acceptance within the trial production period and obtain the work safety license. If the work safety license is not obtained within the trial production period, the enterprise must stop production activities after the trial production period expires

third, the basic information reporting system of the project shall be strictly enforced. Strengthen the dynamic supervision. For the construction projects that fail to start construction within the specified time after the safety review is set up, and for those that fail to apply for completion acceptance and obtain the safety production license within the validity period of trial production, the measurement scope is mainly used to measure the aluminum profile and aluminum alloy material license. Timely urge the enterprises to explain the situation. For those who change or cancel the construction projects, they must report the situation in writing according to law

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