Three suggestions for implementing EHR

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Implementing the three recommendations of EHR

human resource management is one of the main sticking points in the business management of Chinese enterprises. Relevant data show that enterprises with more than 100 employees have difficulties in personnel management, while enterprises with 1000 employees have more complex human resource management. It can be said that as enterprises put forward higher requirements for development, how to promote human resource management has been put on the agenda. However, the fact is that some enterprises encountered unknown difficulties in the process of promotion, and the system was forced to run aground, resulting in a huge waste of enterprise investment. How to implement e-HR in the end? This is a question worth discussing

suggestion 1: do not expect too much from the system

"expect too much from the system" is a user problem faced by many management software manufacturers. Since the media shouted "down with the panacea" when promoting ERP, public opinion has begun to try to persuade enterprises to lower their high expectations for the system. However, the buyer's market situation of software determines that customers have the absolute right to choose, and software manufacturers can only hold their breath and let others choose

software is like a camera. No matter how superior its performance is, it also needs to be applied by professionals. This is the view of some experts. In fact, EHR, like ERP, is just a tool for enterprises. Enterprises can not rely on the EHR system to solve the problem that there is no solid support for the industrial development of human resources; 3. The key raw materials are monopolized by a few foreign companies. Some insiders once disclosed that although some enterprises have used management software, they have not used the system at all in their branches or local sales platforms. It can be seen that, compared with the requirements for software functions, some enterprises are not firm enough in software implementation, which has affected the implementation effect of the system to a certain extent

suggestion 2: do not refuse to change

in addition to "high expectations", non-standard enterprise management is also a problem encountered in the implementation of all information systems. In this regard, an industry insider once cited an example: "when the software calculates the employee's salary, there are five employees whose salary calculation method is different from others in terms of quality inspection. Moreover, these five people are uncertain and change every month. If you follow the requirements of the enterprise, using human resource software does not save time than excel, but the enterprise insists on doing so."

obviously, this so-called "personalized" requirement will hinder the implementation of the software, and will also affect the efficiency of the application. In this regard, the biggest reason is that there is no specification for human resource management in China, so the specific application is very different. It can be said that the financial software was rapidly popularized at the beginning, and it has also been used for low precision, which has promoted the close cooperation between automobile enterprises and aluminum enterprises to a large extent thanks to the formulation of national financial standards. However, nowadays, the lack of standardization in human resource management has somewhat affected the application of its software system. Other experts suggest that enterprises should not refuse to change, but should consider the problem from a long-term perspective

suggestion 3: consider human resource management from the overall development of the enterprise

in fact, at the beginning of enterprise application software, enterprises often focus on "how to solve practical business problems", but consulting companies prefer to quickly combine software ideas with the whole management system of the enterprise. Therefore, when the enterprise can not tell its own strategic direction, the consulting company can not start

human resource management serves to support enterprise strategy. It's not the HR department's business - the consultant's point of view is very clear

however, many customers' model selection is the business of the human resources department, without the participation and attention of the business department. It is conceivable that when managers only regard the informatization of human resources as a matter of the human resources department, it will foreshadow the failure of the later EHR software. Because department level staff can not give the development strategy of the whole enterprise, and if it is not consistent with the enterprise strategic management, the advantages of human resource management software can not be brought into play

as for how to make the human resources department a strategic partner of the enterprise, the front-line experts' view is that the human resources department should first do a good job in the basic work and administrative affairs of the enterprise. Then, through the knowledge, resources and experience, through the understanding of the overall human resource needs and context of the enterprise, it will have an impact on the development strategy of the enterprise, provide consultation and guidance for the business, and put forward targeted solutions to serve the enterprise. Only when the functions of departments are transformed can informatization bring the greatest benefits to enterprises. (end)

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