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The three-year action plan for the special rectification and transformation and upgrading of Yichang chemical industry In accordance with the spirit of the implementation plan of the general office of the provincial people's Government on promoting the green development of the petrochemical industry in the province, Yichang has formulated the three-year action plan for the special rectification, transformation and upgrading of Yichang chemical industry in order to effectively solve the outstanding problems existing in the city's chemical industry and promote the transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry. On October 10, the office of Yichang municipal people's Government printed and distributed the program, and the summary is now published

I. General requirements

(I) guiding ideology. Firmly establish the concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and shared development, adhere to the principle of combining the main body of enterprises with the guidance of the government, focus on improving the quality of the ecological environment, based on the carrying capacity of resources and environment, guided by the national industrial policies and markets, and focus on improving the level of ecological environmental protection and the efficiency of comprehensive utilization of resources, and strive to eliminate production capacity, make up weaknesses, adjust layout, reduce consumption, reduce emissions and promote safety, Vigorously implement the "five batches" special action, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, improve quality and efficiency, and continuously enhance the core competitiveness and sustainable development capacity of the city's chemical industry

(II) work objectives. By 2020, significant progress will be made in the restructuring, transformation and upgrading of the city's chemical industry, achieving high-end, refined, green, concentrated and circular development, and basically building a modern chemical industry base with reasonable industrial layout, advanced technology management and obvious comparative advantages

the industrial structure is gradually optimized. The proportion of output value of high-end products, mainly high-efficiency and environmentally friendly new fertilizers, fine special chemicals and high-performance functional materials, has increased by more than 10 percentage points from the current 23%

industrial layout tends to be reasonable. Hazardous chemical production enterprises in densely populated urban areas and environmentally sensitive areas, chemical enterprises within 1km of the shoreline of the Yangtze River and its tributaries and within the drinking water source protection zone shall be resolutely shut down or removed according to law, and all new projects shall enter the park

green development was promoted in an all-round way. The energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions per unit of added value of the city's chemical industry decreased by 20% and 24% respectively compared with 2015; The emissions of five major pollutants, namely chemical oxygen demand, ammonia nitrogen, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds, decreased by 18%, 18%, 30%, 30% and 20% respectively compared with 2015

II. Optimize industrial layout

(I) optimize the layout of the park. Optimize and upgrade Zhijiang circular Chemical Industry Park (including yaojiagang Industrial Park and part of tianjiahe area) and Yidu circular chemical industry park, extend the industrial chain, serve as the city's high-end chemical industry cluster and layout transfer destination, promote the innovation of system and mechanism of one zone and two parks, and build a national first-class fine chemical circular industry park; Strictly control the chemical industry scale and total emission of Juting Industrial Park, Dangyang baling Industrial Park, Yuan'an Wanli, Xingshan Baisha River, Liucaopo and other chemical industry clusters, and support the transformation and upgrading of existing enterprises on the premise of equal or reduced replacement; According to law, the existing chemical enterprises in Zhijiang Kaiyuan, Dangyang yanwumiao, Yuan'an lotus, western chemical industry, Yiling District yaqueling and other chemical industry clusters will be promoted to change production or move away; Chemical projects are prohibited in other areas

(II) standardize the construction of the park. The construction of the park shall follow the principles of unified planning, overall consideration, supporting construction, comprehensive utilization and market operation to realize mutual supply of raw materials, resource sharing, intensive land use and centralized treatment of "three wastes". Accelerate the construction and transformation of water supply, power supply, heat supply, professional hazardous chemical disposal fire stations, sewage treatment plants, waste disposal facilities, public pipe racks, public accident emergency pools, etc. in the park. Establish and improve the park monitoring and early warning system, emergency response and rescue command center. Promote the pilot demonstration construction of smart chemical industry park with integrated safety and environmental protection risk management. Support the construction of national new industrialization (phosphorus chemical industry) industry demonstration base, national circular economy demonstration park and national well-known new chemical material industry base. Organize the circular transformation of the park and continuously improve the management level of the park. We will deepen the special rectification of illegal wharves along the Yangtze River coastline, and standardize the operation and management of dangerous chemical wharves and storage tanks

(III) strictly control the layout along the river. In the Yangtze River, especially one year after its rapid growth in 2012, and within 1km of its tributary shoreline, and within the drinking water source protection zone, we will resolutely shut down or remove existing chemical enterprise installations according to law, and prohibit the construction of new chemical parks and projects. Strictly control chemical projects within 1km to 15km along the coastline of the Yangtze River and its tributaries

III. adjusting the industrial structure

(I) accelerating the elimination of backward and resolving excess capacity. In accordance with the Guiding Catalogue for industrial structure adjustment (2011 version, 2013 Revision), we will accelerate the elimination of all backward chemical production capacity. Strictly control the new production capacity of urea, ammonium phosphate, calcium carbide, caustic soda, PVC, yellow phosphorus and other excess industries. Relevant departments and institutions shall not illegally handle project filing (APPROVAL), land supply, energy assessment, environmental assessment, safety assessment, production license and new credit extension, and shall implement equal or reduced replacement for advanced process transformation and improvement projects that meet the policy requirements

(II) focus on developing high-end production capacity. On the premise of total capacity control of traditional chemical industry, fully combine the existing basic conditions and resource advantages, and take energy conservation, emission reduction, quality improvement and efficiency enhancement as the main line to promote the extension of the industrial chain to the high end. Focus on the development of high-efficiency environmental protection fertilizers represented by water-soluble fertilizers, micro/medium element formula fertilizers and slow (controlled) release fertilizers. The core issue of the precision industry represented by electronic chemicals, UV absorbers and phosphorus flame retardants is the special chemicals for environmental protection, and high-performance functional materials represented by polychloroethylene, polyester and polyamide. Support the transformation of fertilizer enterprises to fine chemicals and new materials industries. We will intensify research and development of advanced two-dimensional materials such as black phosphorus and graphene and shale gas, accelerate strategic technological reserves, and promote the chemical industry to make breakthroughs in the fields of new energy, optoelectronic information and life health

(III) improve the technological innovation system. Smooth the information sharing and exchange channels of the chemical industry, and promote the construction of an integrated platform for innovation, capital operation and incubation for industrial transformation and upgrading. We will improve the industry university research and application collaborative innovation system with enterprises as the main body. Relying on the Xingfa Phosphorus Chemical Industry Research Institute and the independent combination of enterprises and scientific research institutes, we will create a national fine chemical manufacturing innovation center, and concentrate on the implementation of R & D plans for cutting-edge technologies and common key technologies in key fields such as fine specialty chemicals, high-performance functional materials, black phosphorus industrial chain, shale gas industrial chain, comprehensive utilization of phosphogypsum and phosphorus tailings, Form a source of original innovation, and promote the chemical industry to leap to the high end of the value chain. Further integrate innovation resources, strengthen talent training and introduction, support market players to build innovation platforms, increase R & D investment, and accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. In the chemical industry, we will carry out the special action of "three products" to increase varieties, improve quality and create brands, and create famous chemical products with independent intellectual property rights

(IV) promote enterprise merger and reorganization. Support advantageous chemical enterprises to carry out cross regional, cross ownership and cross-border mergers, acquisitions and investment cooperation, enhance industrial concentration and competitiveness, and form a number of large enterprise groups with international competitiveness. Support and guide superior phosphorus chemical enterprises to integrate phosphate rock resources, strictly control the total mining amount of phosphate rock resources according to the principle of reduction, and give priority to the integrated mining, beneficiation and processing enterprises. Encourage superior enterprises to unite with each other to achieve unconventional development; Encourage advantageous enterprises to introduce strategic partners to realize restructuring and listing; Focus on supporting advantageous enterprises to restructure assets and debts of some difficult enterprises with potentially advantageous resources, promote technological progress, and realize optimal allocation of resources

IV. promoting green transformation

(I) accelerating the transformation and upgrading of advanced technologies. We will implement the green development project for chemical enterprises, use advanced technologies such as cleaner production, circular economy, energy conservation and emission reduction to transform and upgrade existing devices, reduce consumption and emissions. Vigorously promote the construction of technological transformation projects, increase investment in technological transformation, and accelerate the popularization and use of new technologies, new materials, new processes and new equipment. Promote the deep integration of industrialization and informatization, carry out pilot demonstration of intelligent manufacturing plants and digital workshops of chemical enterprises, aim at the international and domestic cutting-edge technology and equipment level, and promote the application of advanced manufacturing systems, intelligent manufacturing equipment and large complete sets of technical equipment such as automation, digitization, networking and intelligence

(II) accelerate the recycling of energy conservation and emission reduction. Strengthen the prevention and control of key pollutants such as high concentration refractory wastewater and volatile organic compounds in the industry, accelerate the treatment progress and resource utilization of industrial solid wastes, and realize the "reduction, recycling and harmless" of "three wastes". Strive to promote the integrated development of the "phosphorus silicon fluorine coal salt calcium" industrial chain, innovate the large circular economy model of "comprehensive utilization of resources and industrial symbiosis coupling" of the whole regional chemical industry chain, and improve the relevance of industries and enterprises. Strictly implement laws, regulations, industrial policies and mandatory standards on environmental protection, energy consumption, standards and safety, promote third-party environmental governance, and accelerate the formation of an industrial green development system

(III) accelerate the ecological stockpiling and comprehensive utilization of phosphogypsum. The Municipal Leading Group Office for the management, development and utilization of phosphate rock resources comprehensively controls the city's phosphogypsum storage yard, and makes a unified plan for the new phosphogypsum storage yard in Zhijiang circular chemical industry park and Yidu circular chemical industry park. According to the technical regulations for safety of phosphogypsum warehouse, the existing storage yard shall be transformed and upgraded in a standardized ecological way, and the third-party treatment shall be tried out. All those failing to meet the safety and environmental protection standards shall be shut down for rectification; If the rectification still fails to meet the standard, it shall be stopped; All storage yards that have reached the designed storage capacity shall be closed, and expansion or extension of service life is not allowed. Study and issue the paid use system of phosphogypsum storage yard. Research and issue local support policies, and support enterprises to research and apply new technologies for phosphogypsum utilization by means of awards instead of subsidies; Encourage research on comprehensive utilization of phosphogypsum in projects in the fields of municipal infrastructure, public service facilities, transportation and water conservancy, and expand the scope and quantity of phosphogypsum products

(IV) strengthen safety production. We will implement the main body of work safety in enterprises, and establish and improve the dual prevention mechanism of hierarchical control of safety risks and troubleshooting and treatment of hidden dangers. Promote chemical enterprises to implement "mechanized and automatic personnel replacement", encourage qualified enterprises to use intelligent equipment to transform production lines, and comprehensively improve the level of intrinsic safety. Comprehensively assess the safety risks of hazardous chemicals, establish a large database of Yichang hazardous chemicals production, storage, use, operation, transportation and waste disposal enterprises, and form a comprehensive information platform for government construction management, enterprise declaration information, data co construction and sharing, and departmental division of labor supervision. Improve the emergency rescue system for hazardous chemical accidents, establish an emergency rescue base, establish an emergency rescue center, and allocate professional emergency rescue teams and professional technical equipment. Strengthen the education and training of employees, improve safety awareness, safety skills and emergency response capacity. Strengthen supervision and law enforcement, continue to carry out in-depth special rectification,

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