Throw away the spare tire as much as possible. The

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Throw away the spare wheel! The main engine factory can use this method to reduce fuel consumption

throw away the spare tire! The main engine factory can use this method to reduce fuel consumption

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in recent years, the two heavyweight documents of the Ministry of industry and information technology - GB fuel consumption limits for passenger cars and GB fuel consumption evaluation methods and indicators for passenger cars have become the "sword of Damocles" hanging over the heads of all passenger car enterprises. According to the index requirements, the average fuel consumption of passenger cars will be reduced to 5 L/100 km by 2020

the op alarm that will vibrate the load module at the end of last year, the technical service center of CRRC issued the notice on stopping the production of vehicles with substandard fuel consumption, and implemented the shutdown requirements for 553 vehicles that did not meet the fuel consumption limit. The reason for stopping production is that the fuel consumption of these models does not meet the phase IV standard for fuel consumption of passenger cars

on April 1 this year, the measures for the parallel management of average fuel consumption and new energy vehicle credits of passenger car enterprises officially came into effect. Under this credit system, the average fuel consumption of enterprises with new energy vehicle business is significantly reduced; On the other hand, traditional fuel vehicles have even become a "mop" for some enterprises, especially the self owned brand passenger vehicle enterprises, whose average fuel consumption reaches the standard

therefore, in order to reduce the average fuel consumption of automobiles, automobile enterprises need to continue to increase the development and production of new energy models; Another important way is the lightweight improvement of vehicles. Among them, one of the means that has become the general trend in foreign countries and is gradually recognized by more car companies in China is to cancel the vehicle spare tire

canceling the spare tire has an immediate effect on vehicle weight reduction and fuel consumption. At the same time, it can also save valuable interior space for new energy vehicles. However, for car owners, the cancellation of the spare tire means that once an accident occurs and the tire is punctured, they can not remedy it independently and can only wait for the rescue of other vehicles

so, is there a substitute for spare tire that can effectively balance the vehicle manufacturer's demand for weight reduction and the owner's demand for spare tire, so that the owner can easily realize automatic inflation and tire repair without spare tire

of course! There is a portable automobile maintenance product with unique performance and excellent use experience - "3ecare" tire inflation repair machine, which can be said to be a high-quality solution to this problem

the tire inflation repair machine is a combined product of "inflation pump - repair fluid". It is produced by Shangyi environmental protection, a subsidiary of Longpan technology, a well-known fine chemical manufacturer in China. Based on the introduction of the third generation tire rapid repair formula from the United States, the machine is finally developed after 10 points of targeted improvement on the vehicle and road conditions in the Chinese market

3e automatic tire inflation repair machine is mainly composed of efficient tire repair fluid and fast inflation pump system. When the repair fluid enters the tire under the action of the inflation pump, it will move along the outer wall of the tire at a high speed. When there is a leak on the tire surface, under the action of centrifugal force, part of the gel transformed from the repair fluid will be "thrown" to the location of the leak

because this colloid has excellent viscosity, ductility and rubber compatibility, it will quickly condense into solid matter at the location of the leak and completely seal the leak

the remaining colloid will continue to maintain a semi flowing state inside the tire. Because it has very good thermal stability and wear resistance, its performance will not change; If the tire leaks again after a period of time, these colloids can immediately play an intelligent and rapid repair role, and once again play a rapid repair role

3e tire automatic inflation repair machine contains colloid components that have good compatibility with the tire rubber, will not cause corrosion to the tire, and will not harm human health. Therefore, it can achieve the rapid leak repair function and achieve the lasting and perfect protection of the tire

due to its small size, light weight and convenient use, this automatic tire inflation repair machine fully meets the maintenance needs of car owners who "pay more attention to maintenance than maintenance". Since its listing, it has been deeply loved by car owners in the terminal market. At the same time, in view of its excellent performance price ratio due to the deformation caused by the straightening of the curly high molecular chain, the demand for this product in the field of vehicle front loading is also expanding under the background of the increasing pressure of automobile enterprises to reduce fuel consumption

at present, Shangyi environmental protection technology has achieved supporting cooperation with many vehicle manufacturers, including Zhongtai automobile and Cheetah automobile. It can be predicted that in the near future, this high-efficiency automatic tire inflation repair machine under Shangyi will become the standard configuration of "spare tire replacement" favored by more host manufacturers

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