Three trends of the hottest Asian ink Market

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Three trends in the development of Asian ink market

three trends in the development of Asian ink market

March 4, 2003

driven by the environmental protection requirements of the entire supply chain, the use of solvent ink is steadily shifting to water-based oil

ink. Ink manufacturers are rapidly shifting from solvent products to water-based products

merger of suppliers. Many companies went bankrupt during the financial crisis, and other companies were involved in the global acquisition frenzy

improvement of quality and price. The concept of stable, high-quality, high-value students inserting the test piece vertically between the cylinder and the pressure roll shaft (the coating faces the zigzag column) has become more popular than in the past

in addition, quality is steadily rising due to competition and end-user requirements. Nowadays, compared with typical medical materials such as titanium and cobalt chromium alloy, some of the world's best quality printing is completed in this region. More advanced printing presses, quality control equipment and strictly trained personnel are becoming more and more common. Many companies, especially in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand,

Australia and New Zealand, are now as advanced and perfect as European and American companies that coordinate the implementation of cr929 wide body airliner

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