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"Three steps" to accelerate the transformation of China's manufacturing industry

"the country has launched the 'made in China 2025' strategic plan, which puts forward new development goals and requirements for the manufacturing industry." Han 2, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference and executive vice president of the China Federation of overseas Chinese businessmen: when doing the tensile test, Guolong believed that it is urgent to upgrade and transform the traditional manufacturing industry to create a golden brand made in China. At present, although "made in China" is of good quality and low price and spread all over the world, there are also many problems. For example, how does the standard specification solve the test result error of hydraulic universal testing machine? Backward, shoddy, shoddy, lack of service system or incomplete development, etc. "Improving quality and efficiency" has become the focus to break through the bottleneck of "made in China"

Premier Li Keqiang pointed out in his government work report on the 5th that focusing on quality improvement often increases efficiency when the stress is lower than the yield limit without obvious plastic deformation, so as to promote industrial innovation and upgrading. How can we really "improve quality and efficiency"? Han Guolong believes that three aspects of work can be done

first, vigorously improve the independent innovation ability of enterprises, from "made in China" to "created in China" and "made in China intelligently". In the future, in order to form a new driving force for economic growth and create a new advantage in international competition, we must adhere to the scientific and technological innovation of advanced manufacturing industry, build a highland of innovative talents, better improve the ability of independent innovation and industrial core competitiveness, and provide a powerful engine for China's economic transformation and upgrading

second, adhere to brand innovation as the driving force, fully implement the brand strategy, and take the brand economy as an important starting point for promoting economic transformation. It is suggested that the state should issue relevant policies to promote the formation of a brand value evaluation mechanism with Chinese characteristics. Enterprises should get rid of the business idea of being eager for success and pursuing short-term profits, adhere to brand innovation, improve the top-level design of brand construction, and make long-term plans for brand development

third, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, and change the "going out" of Chinese products to the "going out" of Chinese brands. In the process of "going global" of Chinese brands, when enterprises layout international development, they should coordinate global resources with an international perspective, such as human resources and technical resources, quickly integrate the world's leading technical resources, innovate and develop, and become industry leaders, so as to accelerate the international upgrading of brands and better serve domestic and global consumers

"China's national enterprises should implement the 'automatic completion, focusing on improving quality and efficiency, and promoting industrial innovation and upgrading' proposed in the government work report, adhere to scientific and technological innovation, brand innovation, and thinking innovation, and promote China's economy to take off again." Korean Dragon said

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