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Ti hope primary school in Xishan Township, Bama Yao Autonomous County, Guangxi officially launched the "Xishan Township, Bama Yao Autonomous County, Guangxi (TI) hope primary school" donated by the world's leading analog and embedded processing leading manufacturer (TI), which recently held an official opening ceremony. This is also the sixth "(TI) hope primary school" donated by Ti in China. Dr. peter

balyta, President of Ti global education technology, vice president of education and corporate society, Ms. huyuhua, vice president of Ti global and President of China, Mr. Le Daqiao, director of market communication in Ti Asia, Ms. Shen Zhihuan, director of corporate communication and public welfare in Ti Asia, and more than 20 managers and employee volunteers from Ti departments attended the opening ceremony, It also brought "Ti magic core class", interesting English class, interesting sports meeting and other activities to the children of hope primary school. Mr. yangxiaoyu, Executive Deputy Secretary General of China Youth Development Foundation, Mr. wuzongxun, deputy inspector of Guangxi District Committee of the Communist Youth League, Mr. zhangqiuwen, Secretary of Hechi Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, leading guests of Bama County Communist Youth League and government, and media representatives attended the event

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group photo of guests and students in Yao costumes waiting to be confirmed at the opening ceremony

children performing dance in Yao costumes

the former Central Primary School in bamaxi Mountain Township, Guangxi, was founded in 1924 and is located in the northwest of Bama County. The school has 14 teaching classes, with nearly 680 students and 40 teaching staff. This time, in cooperation with the China Youth Development Foundation, Ti has built a brand-new teaching building and a brand-new multimedia classroom, equipped with advanced teaching equipment and software such as interactive intelligent all-in-one machine and high racket, which has improved the children's school environment

ti magic core classroom unveiling

more than 20 managers and employee volunteers from various departments of Ti served as lecturers in the magic core course. Through the combination of cartoons, short films and electronic product demonstrations according to the statistics of relevant departments, they vividly introduced the chip manufacturing process and application fields, and stimulated the children's interest and enthusiasm in science and technology. In the class, Dr. balyta also brought an interesting short film to share how teachers in the United States inspired children to apply mathematics to life through science and technology, and let calculator robots equipped with Ti chips help children apply their learning. Dr. balyta and MS. huyuhua shared their experiences of growing up and learning from childhood, encouraging children to explore their own interests and hobbies, cultivate learning interests and good habits, exercise well, receive higher education, go out of the mountains and explore the world. Since most of the children in Xishan Township Primary School are left behind children and need to live in school, huyuhua also shared the above failure phenomenon caused by the alternating stress of metal. He assessed the bearing capacity of lubricants in his childhood living experience, and encouraged the children to develop their independence and ability to get along with teachers and students in their living life

Dr. balyta gave the children a magic core lesson. Ms. huyuhua and the children were together.

in addition to exploring the chip,

ti volunteers also brought interesting English lessons to the children. The Ti volunteer Amir from Germany had a pleasant interaction with the children and stimulated the children's interest in English through interesting farm animal stories. In the nearly one hour course, the children can not only feel the charm of technology and the interest of language in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, but also see more differences in the world through interaction and games with Ti volunteers. Ti volunteers are looking forward to putting wings on their children's dreams and integrating more confidently into this rapidly developing and diversified era

amir gave the children an interesting English lesson

at the interesting sports meeting, volunteers and children had a happy interaction

balyta said in his opening speech: "Ti believes that education is about a hundred year plan. Education can change a person's destiny and the face of the world. We hope that students will have the opportunity to receive education and learning, and return to the society when they grow up.

we sincerely hope that in this new school equipped with multimedia equipment and in an inspiring learning environment, students will be able to cultivate their lifelong love for learning, and learn in mathematics, science, reading and writing Areas of continuous exploration. "

Mr. yangxiaoyu, Executive Deputy Secretary General of the China Youth Development Foundation, further said in his speech: "ti's contribution to China's education is not just donations, but more importantly, it brings the impact of innovative technology to the world to the children, endows them with rich imagination, broadens their horizons, and has more possibilities for development in the future."

ti is one of the largest semiconductor companies in the world. Since its entry into Chinese Mainland in 1986, Ti has cooperated with Chinese education departments and educators to fully mobilize resources from all sides so that more children in poor areas can enjoy the opportunity to receive education. So far, Ti has donated 10 hope primary schools and 20 "Ti hope project libraries" in China, and donated more than 370 "Ti multimedia classrooms" in 6 provinces to support the construction of school information infrastructure in poor areas in China. According to incomplete statistics of the central audio visual education center, as of September this year, 5060 teachers and 78318 students have benefited directly from the project. In addition, TI's self-developed public science and technology course "Ti magic core class" has become a link between hope primary schools in remote areas and Ti and colleges and universities. In addition to Ti volunteers, many college students worked together to compete for creative teaching plans in the "Ti magic core competition". The finally selected teaching plans will be taught by students and Ti volunteers in the magic core class of hope primary school. At present, the Ti magic core course has entered 30 Chinese schools, covering about 10000 students. Bringing science and technology to children in remote mountainous areas and expanding their horizons are the motivation and belief for Ti to continue to carry out this course

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