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“ Livable ” It is an attitude, a mode of thinking, a way of life. It should make people who will be in it inspired, inclusive, peaceful, enjoyable and joyful

the following seven folk recipes make the most " Livable " Life

1. Wisdom of the living room

2. The white steel frame tables and chairs in the restaurant, crystal chandeliers and wine utensils, and a handful of flowers in full bloom are particularly eye-catching

3. The floor of the cube in the study reveals the indifference of solid wood. A Chinese tea bar is just used to recuperate after the owner reads

4. The audio-visual room opens hearing, vision and all senses. The natural lighting landscape and green wallpaper make the house elegant. Dark grey blue ground and striped sofa support a wall to climb

5. The sunshine bathroom moves the bathtub onto the balcony, and the creative sunshine bathroom is full of warmth, revealing the interest of life everywhere. Self controlled curtains, a large bathtub of nearly 2 meters, a solid wood platform, and a wide view of the landscape

6. Tea and Zen. In the corner of the bathroom of the sunshine room, the fragrance of tea is lingering, which is specially prepared for communication and thinking

7. The slow-moving life in the bathroom is harmonious and natural. The simple theme bathroom makes the body and mind slow down suddenly, and new possibilities appear in life




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