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When the goods you buy can reflect the value you need, you will feel that it is worth it, or even worth more; When the goods you buy do not reflect the value you need, you will feel too expensive

Yi dunjun lives on the 30th floor of a community in Foshan. Two neighbors, Lao Wang and Lao Chen, have recently renovated. When buying doors and windows, Wang, who is big and rough, said he would choose the cheapest ones. He felt that all the doors and windows were the same, so he could make do with them. A door and window shop outside the community offered him 300 yuan a party, but he felt it was too expensive. The gentle old Chen set his eyes on high-end doors and windows. The doors and windows he chose were 1500 yuan per square meter. He felt that the price was not expensive at all

Yi dunjun found that:


Lao Chen is a middle school teacher, and he has high requirements for life. His hobby is reading, so he especially needs a quiet living environment, which allows him to read quietly when he gets home. He also needs a quiet living space so that his family can live a high-quality life


Lao Wang is a construction worker, and his requirements for life are relatively low. Although our community is always very noisy at night because of its proximity to the road, perhaps he is used to the noise of life, and he doesn't care at all. He is so tired every day that his back aches and he falls asleep every night at o'clock

do you know? Choosing what kind of doors and windows is equal to choosing what kind of life to live


Lao Chen chose high-end doors and windows. He lived a relatively relaxed life. When he came home every day, he first let his children sit at the table beside him to do their homework, and then he sat quietly reading. Although it was noisy outside the window, due to the strong sound insulation performance of his family's doors and windows, it was enough to block the friction sound of cars on the road and the noise of aunt dancing in the community out of the window. His wife is cooking in the kitchen. The kitchen door of his family is also soundproof, so the noise brought by her wife cooking in the kitchen will not affect their father and son


Lao Wang chose ordinary doors and windows. He led a heavy life. Every day when he came home, he sat down on the sofa, drinking beer and watching TV, ignoring the noisy children and nagging wife around him. The child always complains that the family is too noisy, and he can't study quietly; The wife always complains about the noise in the house, which makes her upset. In Lao Wang's eyes, he was tired enough outside. When he came home, he just wanted to live the life he wanted, and he didn't care about other things at all

what is the result of living in these two different home environments? In the eyes of neighbors, these two families are two extreme families


the old Chen family always gives people the impression of smiling. Wherever they go, they are the focus. They are a recognized model family. They are very enthusiastic about participating in various public welfare activities in the community and are also willing to help their neighbors. The young couple are always kind and loving, and the children's academic performance is also very good. The certificate of merit at home is fully pasted on a wall


Lao Wang's family always gives people the impression of being sad. No matter where they go, they are not very sociable and never participate in various activities in the community. Their home is also messy. The couple always quarrel at intervals, a small quarrel in three days, a big quarrel in five days, and rough quarrels in half a month! For this reason, the neighborhood committee has not been less involved in mediation. The children's grades are also very poor, and the couple are often interviewed by the head teacher

why are the quality of life of these two families so far apart? Indeed, the gap between Lao Wang and Lao Chen's cultural level is one aspect. However, Yi dunjun believes that the biggest gap between them is their attitude towards life

just think about it. If Lao Wang is willing to invest more in doors and windows like Lao Chen, the life of his family will inevitably change

first of all, the children of their family are the most profitable. A quiet learning environment has a decisive impact on their grades

in addition, living in a quiet home environment, his wife will also have a mild temper. You need to know that people will become nervous when living in noise for a long time. The relationship between husband and wife is very detrimental to family harmony

as the saying goes, everything prospers at home. If a noisy person can't live a quiet family life, how can he coexist peacefully

therefore, we must not underestimate the importance of doors and windows, which is the weakest, most critical and most important link in our home decoration! The quality of doors and windows directly affects the quality of our home life




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