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Recently, the Hebei and Shanxi dealer training conference with the theme of "growing up with Shuangyu" was successfully carried out. Some dealers from Hebei and Shanxi gathered in Shuangyu to participate in this training

from January 8 to January 10, 2019, the Hebei and Shanxi dealer training conference with the theme of "I grow with Shuangyu" was successfully carried out. Some dealers from Hebei and Shanxi gathered in Shuangyu to participate in this training. The company paid great attention to this training conference. Accompanied by the sales manager of the region and the whole city, the sales director, brand director, director of product design department and director of e-commerce Department of shuangyumumen all came to the scene to answer questions and solve doubts for the participating dealers

I. visit the production workshop to understand the product process

first, on the first day of the training conference, under the leadership of manager Peng, the trainees visited the double feather solid wood workshop, carried out the assembly study, the assembly order process and precautions, and explained and studied the new products to be launched. During the one-day visit and study, the dealer visited the Shuangyu intelligent production line and sighed at the advanced workshop equipment, the skilled workers' technology, the complex process, and the high efficiency and quality of the overall output. At present, Shuangyu's mechanization level has reached the national first-line level, and its product research and development and production technology are also among the best in the industry. Through a day's visit and understanding, the dealers' sense of brand recognition has been greatly enhanced

second, learn sales knowledge and improve various skills

on the second day of the training, combined with the actual needs of the current dealers, a full day of dry goods training was carried out in the factory. Full courses were carried out all day, and all participants benefited a lot

first of all, Minister Xue yunnian, the director of double feather wood door product design department, explained the packaging knowledge for all dealers in detail. This customization training will start with the product overview, product classification, product structure and material of the whole package customization, and systematically describe the design ideas and methods of the wall protection board, sofa background wall, TV background, bed background, as well as the mainstream products such as wardrobe, wine cabinet, bookcase, cloakroom, etc. in addition, it also systematically explains the design series and style of Shuangyu's "wooden door + light package" mainstream products, which will be explained through systematic training, Make dealers fully understand the knowledge of decoration, and let dealers know Shuangyu "wooden door + light decoration", so as to learn to apply it in terminal sales, improve and expand themselves

then, Mr. Zeng Tao, the top person in charge of shuangyumumen e-commerce and brand promotion center, explained the relevant knowledge of e-commerce to dealers. From the perspective of annual work overview, peer data review, tmall big data and strategy, new retail trends of e-commerce, 2019 operation planning and store cooperation implementation, from the perspective of market big data of wooden door industry, consumption behavior of home decoration crowd, portrait of industry crowd, etc., with the purpose of creating an online and offline win-win model of "store + e-commerce", determine the work direction of 2019: close contact with terminals, introduce digital marketing management Strengthen content promotion and operation, create store e-commerce zones, and establish benchmark stores! Through the systematic explanation, the dealers understand the working ideas of e-commerce, and can apply the e-commerce thinking to analyze the store data in the future work. At the same time, online and offline all channel linkage and integration can realize the full coverage of the sales system, strengthen the cooperation between manufacturers, and better serve the dealers and end consumers

finally, Mr. zhangguozhi, the marketing director of shuangyumumen, shared the knowledge of terminal sales on site. Starting from the dimensions of pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales, we will help dealers break through in-depth adjustment and reshuffle of the industry, introduce new marketing models, and create new growth points for stores. Help dealers achieve performance growth from team building, store rectification, shopping guide training, promotion, channel introduction, after-sales system and other aspects, and help dealers understand the true meaning of sales with the most grounded mode. At the same time, Mr. Zhang also answered questions and doubts for dealers on the spot, helped dealers analyze stores and solve basic problems encountered in stores. With "how to make a deal" as the core of the problem, we have an in-depth discussion on "who is the customer", "where is the customer", "how to attract customers", "why customers choose you", "why customers don't buy", "how to force orders" and other issues. After nearly 10 hours of exchange and discussion, we have greatly enhanced the confidence of dealers. At the same time, in our communication with customers, we can also better understand the demands of dealers, so as to better serve dealers

III. visit the direct sales stores and focus on the store building

on the third day of the training, under the leadership of the regional sales manager, Hebei and Shanxi dealers visited and studied the direct sales stores in Mumen and the assembly, systematically understood the display specifications of Shuangyu and the systematic practice of sales scripts, and realized that all dealers could learn from each other and make common progress in the real scene

the dealer sent a message to Shuangyu colleagues

in the three-day study and training, the dealer not only saw Shuangyu's strong production strength, R & D strength and output level. At the same time, in the traditional sales mode, it has been continuously improved, developed, and innovated, forming a complete set of new sales mode specifically for Shuangyu, which has been greatly recognized and resonated by dealers

nowadays, the wooden door industry is developing rapidly and the market competition is fierce. Only by continuously improving the operation level of single stores can we ensure the rapid development of dealers. The original intention of this dealer training meeting is to enable consumers to enjoy more satisfactory services, and the ultimate goal is to enable dealers to improve their single store marketing ability. Only by truly realizing the mutual benefit and win-win situation among consumers, dealers and manufacturers, can shuangyumumen and dealers go further and create another brilliant 2019

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