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She managed to get the key to a house and fortunately became a house slave. Before decoration, Miss Li had many ideas, not only to build her own unique home, but also to make every corner of it beautiful. In the communication with the decoration company, Miss Li insisted that what her home needs is an alternative feeling. In the process of decoration, seeing that the wallpaper of her colleague's house was cheap and beautiful, Miss Li decided to use wallpaper as well; Seeing the wooden floor of a relative's house, I felt very warm and decided to use the wooden floor, which was extremely incompatible with the room style, but Miss Li thought it was a mixed artistic taste &hellip& hellip;

experts said that because a large number of people have never had experience in decoration, there will always be some strange but unrealistic ideas before decoration, which will cause many mistakes after being actually applied to decoration. Before decoration, beware of misunderstandings caused by the blind pursuit of personality:

misunderstanding 1: recklessness: when some owners decorate, they are diligent and eager to learn, and absorb some knowledge of decoration, so they should completely decorate alternative fashion homes according to their own ideas. As a result, practice is still greater than theory, so they hire decoration companies again, and then whether they publish design drafts or specific decoration, they do not do it according to their own will. As a result, Due to lack of experience, decoration is often faced with repeated or even redone. Therefore, professional issues are still done by professional people. It is good to have professional knowledge, especially involving some key issues. We need to remember this in the process of decoration

Myth 2: at a loss: many people are like Miss Li before decoration. When decorating their homes, they pay great attention to the practices of people around them, and then clone them. Thinking about what others use naturally has been tested. It is often that I see the pictures here today and feel that the style there is good tomorrow. As a result, I really have to tell the designer that it is not suitable for my own space size, that is, I do not consider the practicality of the decoration, or because the selection is too secure, the decoration style lacks personality and goes with the tide

in fact, no matter how much you know about decoration, you should maintain your independent thinking. As long as you pay, you should try your best to let the decoration company realize your dream of home for you

myth 3: stinginess: some owners do their best when buying a house, so they tend to buy bargains in the decoration process in order to save money. Although saving is a good thing, it ignores the most important practicality and durability of decoration, and is not willing to spend money on high-end floor tiles. As a result, the floor tiles purchased are not wear-resistant. Within a year, the floor tiles will be stamped, making people feel as if the house has been living for many years, and the floor tiles that are too cheap are not anti-skid and easy to slip. Therefore, decoration is often a matter of price and goods, and the money that should not be saved is resolutely not saved

myth 4. Luxury: some owners think that the house is a lifelong thing and pursue high-end effects. Therefore, regardless of their own affordability and the overall characteristics of the house, wherever they are, they must use the most expensive materials and choose to buy the most expensive decorations. Some even plan to use complex ceilings, large-area dados, complex stone floor parquets, etc. if they do not stop at the precipice in time, they will inevitably become losers. The concept of home decoration should be simple, environmental protection, and adaptable

myth 5: carelessness: speaking of decoration involves a lot of trivial things, which requires everyone to spend a lot of time and energy to deal with, especially paying close attention to some important details. It doesn't matter if you don't have experience. When you buy building materials, you can pay attention everywhere and ask the seller about the places that need special attention in decoration. When you buy main materials, you should ask in detail the key points that need attention in decoration materials, so that you can have a definite target when you check

myth 6: Greed: in the process of decoration, people tend to wander around. Today, they feel that wallpaper is high-end and tasteful; Tomorrow, I feel that without wallpaper, it looks simple and personalized; I feel great when I see the wooden floor of others' house; Also reluctant to slip, easy to clean floor tiles. As a result, I wanted to do everything. As a result, when I first communicated with the designer, I talked about hype. What I wanted in this way and where I wanted was kindly reminded by the designer one by one, which turned into rhetoric, making the overall style nondescript and even hidden dangers

in fact, many times, home decoration should be under the change of a unified style. Too many changes should be reflected in the highlights of some details to add a different feeling to the home

generally speaking, you can also add the personality elements you want when decorating, but you must start from the actual situation, fully communicate with the designer, and let the designer put forward the most suitable decoration scheme according to your requirements and your conditions, otherwise the style will not match, which will destroy the beautiful coordination of the home. Although the home decoration is to pay attention to beauty, it is also to live for a long time, which may be a lifetime. In fact, the usability requirements are higher





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