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With the development of economy, people's living standards are also marching to another height. I think we can't be familiar with the elevator, which is closely related to our life. But how much do you know about the elevator control cabinet? Next, Xiaobian will introduce it to you

with the development of economy, people's living standard is also marching to another height. I think we can't be familiar with the elevator, which is closely related to our life. But how much do you know about the elevator control cabinet? Next, I will introduce to you

[what is elevator control cabinet]

elevator control cabinet is a device used to control the operation of elevator. It is generally placed in the elevator machine room, and the control cabinet of elevator without machine room is placed in the shaft. The control cabinet is composed of sheet metal frame structure and bolt assembly. The size of the sheet metal frame is uniform, and it can be easily hung and removed with plastic pins. The front panel is equipped with a rotatable pin hook to form a lockable rotating door, so that all components installed in the control cabinet can be contacted from the front, so that the control cabinet can be installed close to the wall. Two commonly used elevator control cabinets a) double doors b) three doors

[how to install the elevator control cabinet]

the installation of the control cabinet should follow the principles of convenient maintenance and safe patrol, and the construction should be carried out according to the position specified in the drawing. If it is not specified in the drawing, a reasonable arrangement shall be made according to the area of the machine room and the installation form. In order to prevent water accumulation in the machine room, the control cabinet should be firmly installed on a cement pier with a height of about 100 ~ 150mrn. When stabilizing the control cabinet, the control cabinet is usually padded to the required height with bricks first, and then the wire pipe or wire duct is laid. After the wire pipe or wire duct is laid, the cement pier is poured to stabilize the control cabinet on the cement pier

[precautions for installation of elevator control cabinet]

(1) keep enough distance from doors and windows, and the front distance between doors and windows and the control cabinet should not be less than 1000mm

(2) when the control cabinet is installed in rows and its width exceeds 5m, access channels shall be reserved at both ends, and the channel width shall not be less than 600mm

(3) the installation distance between the control cabinet and the mechanical equipment in the machine room should not be less than 500mm

(4) the verticality deviation of the control cabinet after installation shall not be greater than 3/1000

[elevator control cabinet function]

1 Driver operation. The driver closes the door to start the elevator operation, and the direction is selected by the command button in the car. The call outside the hall can only cut off the elevator in a clockwise direction and level the floor automatically

2. Centralized selection control. Centralized selection control is a height automatic control function that integrates various signals such as car commands and hall calls for comprehensive analysis and processing. It can register car commands and calls outside the hall, delay the stop time, automatically close the door and start the operation, answer one by one in the same direction, automatically level the floor, automatically open the door, intercept the elevator in the forward direction, automatically reverse the direction, and automatically respond to calls

3. Downlink centralized selection. It only has centralized selection function when going down, so only the down call button is set outside the hall, and the elevator cannot be stopped when going up

4. Operate independently. Drive to a specific floor only through the instructions in the car, provide services for passengers on a specific floor, and do not answer calls from other floors and outside the hall

5. Special floor priority control. When there is a call on a special floor, the elevator will answer in the shortest time. When answering to go, ignore the instructions and other calls in the car. After arriving at the special floor, this function is automatically cancelled

6. Elevator stop operation. At night, weekends or holidays, use the elevator stop switch to stop at the designated floor. When the elevator stops, the car door is closed, and the lighting and fan are powered off, so as to save electricity and safety

7. Coding security system. This function is used to restrict passengers from entering and leaving some floors. Only when the user enters the pre-defined code through the keyboard can the elevator drive to the restricted floor

8. Full load control. When the car is fully loaded, it will not respond to the call outside the hall

9. Prevent prank function. This function prevents too many in car command buttons from being pressed due to pranks. This function is to automatically compare the car load (number of passengers) with the number of commands in the car. If the number of passengers is too small and the number of commands is too large, the wrong redundant commands in the car will be automatically cancelled

10. Clear invalid instructions. Clear all in car instructions that are inconsistent with the running direction of the elevator

11. The opening time is automatically controlled. Automatically adjust the door opening time according to the types of calls outside the hall, instructions in the car and the situation in the car

the above is the Xiaobian's knowledge explanation of the elevator control cabinet. For more wonderful content, please continue to pay attention to the information platform





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