Gentle, elegant and atmospheric Wanjin Jiangcheng

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The owner likes the simple European style, and uses silver mirror grinding and dark coffee soft color on the TV background wall to show the effect of low-key luxury and expanding space. The sofa background adopts Beige European pattern wallpaper to reflect the clean and tidy atmosphere. The six elements of style, elements, building materials, colors, furniture and home decoration are combined to form the current low-key, luxurious and simple European style

community: Wanjin Jiangcheng 92 square meters simple European house type: three bedrooms and two halls decoration style: European and American style decoration company: face-to-face decoration decoration method: all inclusive contract amount: 50000-100000


restaurant is still a noble and atmospheric style, malt colored tables and chairs are integrated with the wall decoration tone. And the furniture that makes people feel thick and heavy, classical and romantic chandeliers, restaurants can also be so elegant and comfortable

living room corridor

this deep aisle still focuses on a warm and elegant style. The dim yellow light of the chandelier makes the whole space appear fuller and more three-dimensional. The messy wall paintings are dotted with different stories, and the huge oil painting of Napoleon in front of us highlights a different kind of grandeur

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