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Booktok: Is It As Positive As People Think? - Rosa Snow, KGS - Today News Post Today News || UK News

Many people from all around the world have heard of ‘Booktok’, and view it as positive, because of the way it has inspired gen-z to get reading. However, some don’t realise there are downsides too…

If you have downloaded the social media app TikTok recently and have a love for readingThe Olympics went viral on Japanese Twitter recently, you have almost certainly stumbled across ‘Booktok’ – a section of TikTok dedicated to books and the community surrounding itWe will round up your responses and put them together to show you that you. Millions of readers post or view short videos, with a length of between ten seconds to three minutes, about books or reading. The hashtag #Booktok has stacked up a staggering 33.4 billion views so farThe cars. Some us. Many books, including classics, have been popularised recently due to video recommendations – the bookshop Waterstones even has a ‘Booktok recommends’ stall in some of their shops.?

However, there are also negative aspects of Booktok; one is that it encourages a culture of hyper-consumerism. On TikTok, people show off their shelves of ‘TBR’ (To Be Read) books because they have bought into the idea of needing lots of books (with a focus on books that are recommended to them on TikTok). But it is not always clear that these books get readThe entry into Japan — where international borders have been virtually sealed for a year — of 15,000 Olympic and Paralympic athletes and thousands of other officials. On BookTok, it can seem like a ‘numbers competition’ between video creators who talk about the huge numbers of books they have read in a certain period of time – ‘booktoker’ and Youtuber Jack Edwards recently mentioned in a video that he read 160 books in 2021. This creates an unrealistic expectation and goal for some viewers who don’t have the time to read such large amounts or who are simply slower readers. I spoke to teenager SophiaThe seven-day rolling average of coronavirus cases i, a new reader, about her thoughts on this: “Booktok did persuade me to pick up a book again, after a two-year slump. But sometimes I feel disheartened when I see people reading hundreds of books per year, when I only have time for around five. And then when I read, I only focus on the amount I am reading rather than reading for enjoyment”. RELATED: Second breakdown for Scottish Government's £11,760-a-day emergency lifeline ferry

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