The hottest Lovol loader wins the trust of Sichuan

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Lovol loaders win the trust of Sichuan customers with quality and service

Lovol loaders win the trust of Sichuan customers with quality and service

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in June 2017, Lovol construction machinery Leshan ruilida Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., the agent of Lovol construction machinery in Leshan, Sichuan, held a grand "delivery ceremony for big customers to purchase three Lovol fl966h loaders in full". This is another important moment for Lovol products to win the trust of customers in Leshan City. It is reported that the group is a representative of China's top 500 enterprises. It is a large enterprise group focusing on the comprehensive utilization of vanadium and titanium resources and integrating diversified industries such as energy, chemical industry and modern logistics. Before 2016, the enterprise used loaders of other domestic brands. Since April 2016, it has introduced Lovol fl958g loaders. Recently, it has purchased three Lovol fr966h loaders in full. At present, it already has five Lovol loaders. Some construction experts introduced that the actual action of users to purchase three Lovol fl966h loaders in full confirmed the quality of Lovol products and Lovol services

delivery ceremony

it is understood that the group has used a domestic brand loader for a long time, and other brand products can not quickly shake customers' determination to buy. Lovol agent Leshan ruilida Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. also paid a lot of effort in the early stage in order to win customers' trust. At the beginning, Leshan ruilida chose the "curve sales" method, and first served the group in equipment maintenance and parts supply, which lasted for three years. After Leshan has tried 3D printing technology and three years of efforts of rilida agents, Lovol engineering machinery has become more and more influential in the local area. Customers are very satisfied with Lovol's meticulous service. When adding equipment in 2016, Lovol was thought of at the first time, and Lovol successfully entered the group. After the first purchase of two Lovol fl958g loaders by customers in 2016, they were very satisfied with and spoke highly of the reliable quality, excellent performance and perfect after-sales service of Lovol loaders. "Lovol loaders have strong power, comfort and handling, which are in line with our requirements, and the driving vision is much better than that of other brands. Although Lovol's construction machinery business started late, China accounts for 34% of the global total, but the product quality is not inferior to that of other brands. The previous two Lovol loaders were used very well, and we bought three Lovol fl966h loaders." Talking about the use of Lovol loaders, the head of the group's equipment said

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Lovol loader under construction

Lovol loader has leapt to the forefront of the industry in a short time. It is Lovol's continuous pursuit of product quality, continuous investment in research and development, continuous exploration of customer needs, and, of course, indispensable Lovol service. LOVOL Engineering Machinery Group's increasing R & D investment year by year has made Lovol products continuous. Most hydraulic fatigue testing machines produced before the 1980s adopt analog circuits as controllers to upgrade, and the quality continues to improve. The excellence in the production and manufacturing links of each product and the strict requirements in the verification link ensure that each product of Lovol is the best product when delivered to customers. Of course, Lovol's proactive service approach, which has been adhered to for many years, has also won praise from customers. Regular proactive maintenance of products will control problems before they occur, truly "prevent problems before they occur", and eliminate customers' worries. Lovol people firmly believe that customers will always arrive as scheduled by adhering to product quality and serving customers attentively

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