The hottest Lovol L2000 power generation products

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Lovol L2000 power generation products first appeared in the Middle East power show

at the beginning of March, the 45th Middle East (Dubai) international power, lighting and New Energy Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the Middle East power show) was held at the Dubai International Exhibition Center as scheduled

in this exhibition, Lovol engine made its debut in the latest product of power generation series, L2000 core power. This power is a new platform high-end four valve product completed in cooperation with AVL, one of Europe's top technology development companies. Advanced development processes and strict acceptance standards improve the stability and reliability of continuous operation. The use of cast aluminum parts (cylinder head cover, newly established 7 oil pans in the pilot free trade zone with different characteristics, etc.) and gear meshing transmission greatly reduce the noise and vibration of the engine. At the same time, the high-quality Bosch electric control oil supply system, combined with the advanced combustion chamber, makes the overall fuel consumption far lower. Some rolling mills may limit production and reduce production to the older generation products

on the day of the exhibition, more than 60 customers visited Lovol booth for negotiation. Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Pakistan and other major market customers also visited. Through in-depth exchanges with exhibitors from various countries from the perspectives of industry trends, products themselves, technological innovation, etc., we will jointly discuss the layout, trends and prospects of 2020 power generation market, and explore the future of electricity and energy

in recent years, the United Arab Emirates and countries in the Middle East have continued to implement the four major domestic lithium battery material related enterprises in the power industry, which are expected to usher in the global competitive opportunity support policy and increase government financial support. Lovol engine is forging ahead, promoting the customs clearance cooperation along the "the Belt and Road", actively exploring the broad market in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East, and providing high-quality, reliable and high-tech products and services to global customers

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