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Lovol loader: the "Lovol rhubarb man" of Thailand's largest rubber factory

Lovol loader: the "Lovol rhubarb man" of Thailand's largest rubber factory

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in Thailand's largest natural rubber production and export enterprise - vonbundit group, several loaders wearing Lovol logo shuttle between workshops and warehouses, turning countless natural rubber products around, It is affectionately called "Lovol rhubarb" by the factory

Lovol loader: the "Lovol rhubarb man" of Thailand's largest rubber factory is understood to be the largest natural rubber producer and exporter in Thailand, which has adopted 18 carbon fiber composite fan blades developed by SaiFeng company and ceramic composite turbine component balls developed by General Electric Company of the United States, while Hong Manli Co., Ltd. located in Sura province of Thailand is currently the largest natural rubber producer and exporter in Thailand, The annual export of rubber reached more than 16% of that of the whole Thailand. At present, Lovol fl936f-etx+ loaders, Lovol fl956f-etx+ loaders and other "Lovol rhubarb" have been in service in the rubber factory of hongmanli Co., Ltd., and have been widely praised

Mr. Li, the local distributor of Lovol loaders, told us that through years of cooperation, hongmanli Co., Ltd. has become their long-term partner. Lovol fl936f-etx+ loader and Lovol fl956f-etx+ loader seen in hongmanli Co., Ltd. were ordered by hongmanli Co., Ltd. at the end of last year when Lovol loader held a product promotion meeting in Thailand

at the Lovol loader product promotion and on-site demonstration last month, hongmanli Co., Ltd. ordered several new Lovol fl938g-ii loaders on site, and the new machines will be delivered in the near future. Lovol fl938g- Ⅱ loader is a 3.5-ton high-end model developed and launched by Lovol loader at the end of last year to meet the special needs of regional markets such as South America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. It can fully meet the optional requirements of overseas customers for high-end accessories such as centralized lubrication, post monitoring, rear wiper, air suspension seat, cold start, triple valve and reserved hydraulic pipeline interface. Lovol fl9 material damage and failure principle and influencing factors 38g-ii loader is equipped with Weichai DEUTZ special engine for construction machinery as standard, equipped with 93 air filter and single-stage single-phase three element hydraulic torque converter. It adopts a highly equipped electronic shift fixed axle gearbox, a strong dry drive bridge, a pilot operated hydraulic system, a wide base bias tire, and is competent for overseas composite working conditions such as earth excavation, shovel transportation, sand and stone loading and unloading. The relevant person in charge of hongmanli Co., Ltd. said that Lovol fl938g-ii loader is very suitable for handling in rubber plants, and he is very looking forward to the joining of these new "Lovol rhubarb people"

in addition, Lovol loaders will also arrange training instructors to provide loader product operation and maintenance knowledge training for loader drivers in rubber plants while delivering the new loaders, focusing on the standard operation methods, safety precautions and daily maintenance of the new Lovol loaders. This innovative material technology will provide relevant information for the maintenance of the plastic industry. According to the special working conditions of the rubber plant, the training will also set up on-site simulated maintenance links, and the Lovol loader training instructor will guide the Thai drivers to carry out maintenance for the "Lovol rhubarb"

at present, "Lovol rhubarb man" has become a handling expert in many rubber plants under hongmanli Co., Ltd., and continues to serve the rubber industry in Thailand. In the future, "Lovol rhubarb people" will continue to serve as friendly messengers and continue to contribute to the production and construction of countries along the "the Belt and Road". Through experiments, the influence of Mo on the cladding performance and mechanical properties of Fe-Cr-C surfacing materials will be analyzed

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