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Lovol power: follow the No.1 document innovation to lead agricultural mechanization

Lovol power: follow the No.1 document innovation to lead agricultural mechanization

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with the release of the No. 1 central document this year, the country has clearer requirements for further promoting the process of agricultural mechanization. Lovol power as a domestic 8 Multi language random switching: Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Well known diesel engine manufacturers in English actively provide "Chinese heart" for China's agricultural mechanization

take the 1100 series agricultural engine, the flagship product Lovol power is dedicated to, as an example. This product is based on the product technology of Perkins company in the United Kingdom, combined with international well-known internal combustion engine R & D institutions such as Bosch in Germany, AVL in Austria and Southwest Research Institute in the United States, and adopts the world's cutting-edge power technology by integrating global advanced product creation and manufacturing resources, It is a brand-new power equipment specially developed for non road applications. With the introduction of the global procurement system, Lovol power 1100 series agricultural engine integrates the world's first-class high-quality accessories. It is the only engine product in China that applies the world's most advanced four valve technology to agricultural power. In addition, the R & D personnel carried out secondary optimization on the performance and structure of the engine, so that Lovol power 1100 series engine shows the characteristics of strong power, full combustion, good fuel economy, stable and reliable quality, strong environmental adaptability and so on. At present, it has achieved power matching with a full range of agricultural machinery such as tractors, corn machines, wheat machines and so on

after the autumn harvest last year, Henan farmer Yu Zhijun was extremely happy. It turned out that Lao Yu bought a Lovol Ceres corn harvester equipped with Lovol power 1100 series agricultural engine before the autumn harvest. This machine has strong power and high operation efficiency, greatly reducing the harvest cost, and the income is much higher than in previous years. "In the face of continuous overload operation during the autumn harvest, the Lovol power 1100 agricultural engine equipped with the machine continues to maintain very high stability and performance indicators." Henan local Lovol power market leader said

in addition, in order to better protect the interests of the majority of agricultural machinery users, with the growth of the use time of synchronous belts or reducer, and promote the sinking of the service network to counties and districts, Lovol power will focus on improving the network coverage this year. It plans to add 182 Lovol power service stations, establish a service system combining Lovol power service stations with agricultural equipment service stations, and continue to make efforts in after-sales service, Help the rapid development of agricultural mechanization and modern agriculture in China

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