The hottest Lovol power engine helps spring plough

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Lovol power country III Engine helps spring ploughing

"cuckoo Feifei urges early ploughing, and spring hoes flutter while the early sun shines." It is now the season when farmers are busy with spring ploughing. As an essential power machine during spring ploughing, Tractor Products matching Lovol power country III engine are also sowing the hope of spring everywhere

Xinjiang is one of the largest spring ploughing areas in the country, "he said, and it is also a military training ground for the latest and most advanced agricultural machinery. A few days ago, the author followed the service personnel of Lovol power to Xinjiang to visit the performance of Lovol power national III engine in the spring ploughing. The manufacturer has the idea that it can't be controlled without PC

master Guo is the first batch of users in Kashgar to buy Tractors Equipped with Lovol power country III engines. Let's listen to master Guo's comments on Lovol power country III products. "I bought this tractor at the beginning of the year, equipped with Lovol power country III engine. This new standard engine is fuel-efficient, powerful and low noise."

it is understood that master Guo's tractor is equipped with Lovol 1106d series national III engine products specially developed by Lovol power for 150 HP tractors. By strengthening the core components such as cylinder block and crankshaft, and using advanced technologies such as four valve and electronic control unit pump, the maximum torque of this engine reaches 660nm, and all parameters reach the level of the industry that will affect the performance and service life of the whole machine

electronic control injection of high-pressure fuel is the core of engine electronic control technology. Lovol power has optimized the fuel injection volume, injection advance angle and injection pressure of national III engine products through a large number of technical tests, so that the engine can continue to maintain the best operating state and achieve the double upgrading of power and emission

spring ploughing continues. With the passage of time, more power machines equipped with Lovol power country III engines will continue to cultivate beautiful China in the vast fields

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