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Lovol leopard's super heavy-duty tractor is coming strongly

how to choose a tractor with strong power, convenient operation, flexible steering and strong lifting force? The newly developed heavy-duty product of Lovol Arbos group, Lovol leopard m2404-n Max tractor, is at the leading level in the industry in terms of body weight and chassis strength. It is the best choice for heavy-duty operations such as subsoiling and deep ploughing

easy, fertile, and heavy support

the transmission full helical gear transmission and final transmission adopted by this machine adopt a two-stage planetary reduction structure, which greatly improves the gear strength and the reliability of the whole machine, and is more suitable for heavy-duty traction work. After assembling the reinforced clutch, the service life has been effectively extended. The braking system adopts hydraulic control, cooperates with the Italian corolla front axle and a number of wet mechanical force increasing structures, so that the operation and control are more comfortable

efficient and fertile, fuel-efficient and worry-saving

the high-pressure common rail six cylinder engine replaced this time adopts the structure of water cooling and heat dissipation and intercooler left and right arrangement, and then cooperates with the Donaldson dry air filter imported from the United States, so as to achieve better cooling effect, at the same time, the intake air cleanliness has also been significantly improved, so that the maintenance cycle has been effectively extended, and the real economic efficiency has been achieved

Lovol leopard m2404-n max

comfortable and easy to work

the newly upgraded Lovol leopard m2404-n Max tractor adopts imported grammer seats, which are more ergonomic and effectively reduce driver fatigue. We are optimistic about the development of Xinjiang Zhonghe. The air conditioning system is installed in the cab. At the same time, the integrated control machinery on the right side and the 480 liter super large fuel tank make continuous operation easier

flexible and flexible, shuttle freely

Lovol leopard gap overflows too much oil. The wet disc brake and imported Kalai friction plate used in m2404-n Max tractor have greatly improved the braking reliability. The electric control lifting system of Bausch lunle is adopted to realize three adjustments: force adjustment, position adjustment and comprehensive force position adjustment. The upgraded full hydraulic steering system has a smaller turning radius and adopts 24 ° cone seal and O-ring seal to ensure good sealing effect

safety and multiple guarantees

the electronic control unit (ECU) can easily adjust the working state of the engine through various sensors and switches to achieve the purpose of fuel saving and efficiency. The dual channel electronic accelerator has been replaced, and the accelerator failure can be warned in advance. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of users for a variety of machines and tools, a new electronic elevator has been replaced, and the maximum lifting force can reach 72.5k-- senior Department Manager n

the new upgrade of Lovol leopard m2404-n Max tractor has solved the problem of difficult to overcome complex terrain. Deep scarification and deep ploughing have improved the problem of shallow soil tillage layer, effectively ensuring the good growth of crops and solving the urgent need for customers and friends due to the impact of the paper industry's capacity reduction, G20 production suspension and production restriction and the tide of environmental protection

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