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Lovol R & D manufacturing innovation upgrading competitive growth Highlights vitality

Lovol R & D manufacturing innovation upgrading competitive growth Highlights vitality

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"look at this big guy, it's really exciting!" Around the Lovol Valley God gn120 combine harvester, Xie Minghua from Jingmen, Hubei Province, talked with members of other cooperatives

from October 28 to 30, the 2014 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition at Wuhan International Expo Center in Hubei Province arrived as scheduled. At the exhibition site, major agricultural machinery enterprises at home and abroad gathered, with a wide range of new products, colorful exhibition forms, and wonderful activities in various forms. A gluttonous feast for agricultural machinery people was thus launched

as a leading enterprise in the domestic industry, Foton LOVOL Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. made a wonderful appearance at the exhibition with a full range of agricultural equipment combinations, including Lovol Ceres wheat machine, corn machine, rice machine, Lovol tractor, Lovol square baler, Lovol hydraulic overturning plow, Lovol rotary cultivator and Lovol dryer, which attracted attention from all walks of life

Lovol agricultural equipment adds new talents and builds a solid whole process solution

the most eye-catching Lovol exhibition area is the Lovol Ceres gn120 combine harvester with the maximum feeding capacity of 12 kg of domestic independent brands, Lovol tractor with new appearance design and fully upgraded chassis, and Lovol 5hxw0150 low-temperature circulating grain dryer, which brightens the eyes of many audiences, The centralized display of the whole series of products of Lovol agricultural equipment also made the participants feel the connotation of "agricultural equipment overall solution service provider" from a close distance. The sand table of Lovol demonstration farm placed on site condensed the machines and tools for the whole process of "farming, planting, management, harvesting, storage and transportation" into the miniature landscape of the demonstration farm. Lovol staff explained in detail the current distribution and construction of Lovol demonstration farms nationwide, and systematically introduced to the audience the strength and future planning of Lovol agricultural equipment as an overall solution service provider

what is also attractive is that Foton Lovol heavy industry also set up a simulated driving experience area at the exhibition site, which is equipped with comfortable and safe seats on the simulation equipment, simulated steering wheel, gear, throttle, brake and other driving system components, and large-scale display to simulate the driver's field of vision, realizing the direct interaction between Lovol products and the audience, so that the audience can feel the same "super cool experience" as driving a real machine, Let the audience feel the efficiency and superior performance of the product in the process of simulation experience, "he added

of course, all the physical displays on the exhibition site are only the embodiment of the achievements of the overall efforts of the enterprise team. Behind this are the continuous development and innovation of enterprise scientific researchers, the lean manufacturing of factory manufacturers, the front-line efforts of marketing personnel, the rapid response of service personnel, and so on. Especially in the case of great downward pressure on the overall industry this year, Lovol agricultural equipment focused on improving its ability in terms of technological innovation and lean manufacturing, and achieved competitive growth. From January to September, Lovol agricultural equipment business achieved a sales revenue of 10.13 billion yuan, an increase of 5.6% year-on-year. In 2014, Lovol agricultural equipment is expected to achieve a sales revenue of 11.5 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 6.1%. Lovol agricultural equipment's harvesters, tractors and other businesses will continue to maintain domestic leadership, and new businesses such as agricultural machinery and tools will achieve effective breakthroughs in the market

technological innovation as the axis and transmission of development power

in recent years, China's agricultural machinery industry has maintained a sustained and rapid growth trend due to the accelerated process of rural urbanization, the strong pull of the rural domestic demand market, especially the support of a series of policies to benefit and strengthen agriculture, such as the substantial increase of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies year after year. However, compared with multinational giants, domestic agricultural equipment manufacturing enterprises started late and accumulated less. In some high-end technology fields, there are decades of technological generation differences, and they are in a weak position in the same post global competition environment. However, for any company that aspires to grow into an international excellent company, the enterprise must "go out" on the basis of doing a good job in the domestic market and show its strength in the global market

Foton Lovol heavy industry has considered for a long time and tried many ways to explore the path of technological innovation. In order to better and faster improve its capabilities in an all-round way and achieve the goal of global development, in terms of product innovation and technology "going out" strategy, Foton Lovol heavy industry chose the development mode of "global creation, made in China, and global distribution", especially in the process of technological innovation. Foton Lovol heavy industry chose to be its own director of technological innovation and let the world's advantageous human resources participate in the performance

since 2010, Foton Lovol heavy industries has started the pace of "going global" in technology. Finally, through the integration of international high-end human and technical resources, Foton Lovol heavy industries has successively established agricultural equipment R & D centers in Europe and construction machinery R & D centers in Japan, forming a "multi integrated" global R & D system in Europe, Japan, Tianjin and Shandong. Among them, the European R & D center in Italy is mainly responsible for the R & D of new technology platform tractors, large feed grain harvesters and high-end agricultural machinery. At the same time, Foton Lovol heavy industries has also established world-class trial production and test centers in China and Europe at the same time, creating better conditions for the production of agricultural equipment products with international standards

at the same time, in order to ensure the operation of the global R & D system, Foton Lovol heavy industry has also established a unified development process, methods, tools and standards based on the operation characteristics of various R & D businesses and formed a standardized development model on the basis of learning from foreign advanced product R & D processes. And gradually increase the investment in R & D funds, and take% of the sales revenue as R & D funds every year to ensure the transformation of scientific and technological innovation achievements. Since 2010, it has invested more than 3billion yuan in R & D. After several years of research and development, the new technology platform tractor, which is in the charge of the European research and development center, has successively produced results and will be released one after another

wangguimin, chairman and general manager of Foton Lovol heavy industry, stressed that all the achievements of enterprise capacity-building should ultimately be expressed by products. Only by creating a number of products with market competitiveness and winning the recognition of the market and customers with products, can we show that what the company is doing now is effective

lean manufacturing system, continue to create high-quality products

of course, in order to obtain excellent products with better performance and more popular with users, in addition to continuous breakthroughs in technological innovation, production and manufacturing links are also indispensable. Little by little control, layer by layer check, any negligence or error in any process may cause product quality problems, and every production of a problem product means the fading of the brand, and the manufacturing quality can not be ignored

in terms of hardware, in recent years, Foton Lovol heavy industry has continuously increased the investment in manufacturing projects. In the past three years, it has invested 780million yuan to complete the construction of manufacturing plants such as large-scale harvesting machinery assembly workshop, coating workshop and Lovol Beidahuang factory, and introduced advanced manufacturing technologies such as TCS control system, heavy-duty assembly and automatic welding, so as to continuously improve production capacity and quality assurance ability

in terms of software, Foton Lovol heavy industry has advocated quality culture management and improved quality awareness throughout the company for many years. Since 2013, the company has implemented the lean manufacturing system and the construction of standardized chemical plants, recruited several lean manufacturing promotion experts to join, established a special promotion organization, and implemented the lean manufacturing management method in the factory workshop. Focusing on the six goals of "safety, personnel, quality, response, and environment", the company has promoted lean manufacturing in accordance with the five principles of "standardization, manufacturing quality, shortening manufacturing cycle, continuous improvement, and personnel participation", The lean manufacturing level of the factory has been greatly improved, and the reliability of the whole product has increased by more than 20% year-on-year

"through lean manufacturing, R & D personnel, manufacturing personnel, process personnel and market service personnel are connected, and lean manufacturing is used as the focus to promote product quality upgrading. From advanced technology to high-quality industrial workers, and then to manufacturing high-quality products with high-precision production platforms, Lovol lean manufacturing has become the yardstick throughout the overall situation." Liu Ruwei, deputy manager of Foton Lovol heavy industry manufacturing engineering headquarters, told

as we all know, this year is an important node in the "Double Tenth Anniversary" of the promulgation of China's Agricultural Mechanization Promotion Law and the implementation of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy. Over the years, with the support of national favorable policies, agricultural mechanization and agricultural machinery industry have achieved great development, creating a new situation in the development of agricultural mechanization, which is of great significance to improving the structure of agricultural equipment, improving the level of agricultural mechanization, enhancing the comprehensive agricultural production capacity, developing modern agriculture and prospering the rural economy, It is of great significance to achieve national grain income increase and security. Self owned brand enterprises including Foton Lovol heavy industry have made considerable development and progress. However, under the guidance of the market law, any industry starts with the test, takes 1 standard weight and hangs it lightly on the upper fixture connecting base, records the pneumatic value displayed by the computer, and calculates the difference with the standard weight. The error should not exceed 1%. The development often requires a gradually mature and integrated ADC0809 chip It is a process of further improvement of CMOS data collection devices. The domestic agricultural machinery industry will also experience such a stage. Only enterprises with solid foundation and strong strength in all aspects such as strong independent innovation can achieve sustainable development

wangguimin, chairman and general manager of Foton Lovol heavy industry, said: today, with the rapid development of agricultural machinery manufacturing technology, slow development means retrogression. Objectively speaking, although Foton Lovol heavy industry has made some breakthroughs in the field of agricultural equipment, it still lags far behind international first-line brands in the context of the international market. In the future, in order to continuously obtain new competitive advantages in the process of China's agricultural machinery modernization and compete with others on the ever-changing world stage, Foton Lovol heavy industry must devote itself to efforts, steadily and continuously promote the capacity-building of enterprises in all aspects, and contribute to the global breakthrough of China's agricultural equipment industry and domestic agricultural modernization

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