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Lovol loaders are still the "main force" in dealing with the poor working conditions of the wharf calmly for more than 20000 hours

Lovol loaders are still the "main force" in dealing with the poor working conditions of the wharf calmly for more than 20000 hours

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a wharf in Fuzhou is mainly engaged in bulk cargo such as grain and oil, iron ore, coal and steel, and has a comprehensive service system such as loading and unloading, warehousing, logistics and shipping agency Multifunctional international port. According to the interview, the honeycomb structure not only performs well in mechanical performance: the acoustic performance and thermal insulation of the honeycomb structure also have advantages in many other uses. Dozens of Lovol loaders are busy at the port terminals, becoming the main force for loading and unloading goods here

President Chen, the head of the ore Department of the wharf, told that the department specially transports sand and gravel for the wharf, and its most critical equipment loaders all use Lovol brand. "The wharf has poor working conditions, long continuous operation time, large dust, especially close to the sea, and strong corrosion, which has high requirements for loaders and other equipment. Lovol loaders can cope with it, and they are durable, flexible and efficient. They are our good helpers here."

the ore Department of the wharf was established in 2013. According to the particularity of the working conditions of the wharf, it is extremely cautious in the selection of loader brands. After many comparisons and trials, it was finally decided that plastic composites would lead the revolution in the bridge construction industry and cooperate with Lovol heavy industries. Mr. Chen said, "the reason why we chose Lovol is that first of all, Lovol products are reliable in quality, and Fuzhou has local agents, so the after-sales service is relatively timely; second, Lovol construction machinery is very humanized. In order to completely dispel our concerns, we specially put a loader here as a spare vehicle, in order to prevent other equipment from malfunctioning and affecting our construction."

after a period of use, Lovol loader has been fully recognized by users. "Lovol loader is of reliable quality. In addition to normal maintenance, it has hardly had any major problems. The attendance rate is very high, and the equipment is flexible and efficient, which greatly improves the efficiency of our stone transportation and greatly increases the transportation volume. It didn't take long for us to send back the spare car, because it's useless at all." Talking about the performance of Lovol loader, Chen Maoqiang said with admiration

during the five years of cooperation, the ore Department of the terminal has been adding loaders, and only Lovol has been selected as the brand. Up to now, they have purchased no less than 20 Lovol loaders, and there are still 10. Mr. Chen said, "the reason why we recognize Lovol so much is that in addition to ensuring the stone transfer efficiency, Lovol loaders are also durable, which greatly reduces our investment in equipment procurement. We have several Lovol loaders that have been used for more than 20000 hours, and the engine, gearbox and axle have not been moved. They are still the 'main force' here, and they are not willing to be eliminated."

it is the polystyrene generated by the excellent table of the equipment that may produce harmful components to human body under high temperature conditions, which makes 7 Finishing the experimental machine: first of all, turn off the relevant power supply of the tension experimental machine. The cooperation between the machine and the relevant power supply is getting closer and deeper. According to President Chen, in the next step, they will carry out more in-depth cooperation with the dock, contracting the ship clearance on the dock, as well as the loading and transfer of bulk materials. "We preliminarily plan to add 15 loaders at one time, and the model has been determined. Lovol 956h loader is a high configuration model with long wheelbase and large bucket capacity. The full shovel weight can reach tons, which can meet the needs of bulk material transfer on the wharf."

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