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"Lovol post" provides considerate service for the cross regional machine operators in Sanxia

"Lovol post" provides considerate service for the cross regional machine operators in Sanxia

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"when I got off the highway, I saw the" Lovol post "at the first sight. The service here is quite considerate. I can not only drink water and rest, but also provide free vehicle maintenance on site, scan the QR code and receive exquisite and practical Lovol gifts." Master Wang Huaili from Jiangsu said with other pilots who were resting in the post station

recently, Sichuan Wheat began to enter and reduce the weight of the whole vehicle into the harvest period. In order to ensure cross region operation, users reported that efficient operation would win good profits. In 2017, Lovol Arbos agricultural equipment launched the "Lovol post station" service. Each post station is equipped with one car and two people as standard, providing vehicle maintenance and parts supply services for cross region operation operators anytime and anywhere

the "Lovol post station" visible everywhere

Lovol post station, warm care

at present, the "Lovol post station" is mainly located at the exit of the highway with relatively concentrated cross regional operations. The post station where Jiangsu Master Wang rests is a station located in Xichang, Sichuan. After users get off the highway and arrive at the "Lovol post station", while taking a rest, the post station service personnel will provide free inspection and maintenance for the vehicles, and introduce the local machine collection progress, price, vehicle ownership and other contents that are strongly related to the operation income, so as to provide information support and convenience for cross regional machine operators to quickly integrate into the local operation environment

according to the arrangement of Lovol apos agricultural equipment, "Lovol post station" is being continuously established in major grain producing areas, and service personnel and mobile service vehicles will also be in place. After the wheat harvest starts, "Lovol post station" will also follow the mobile route of the cross region operation army to flexibly transfer at any time, so as to ensure that the problems encountered by users during operation can be solved in the shortest time

in addition, between the "Lovol post stations", in addition to Lovol service cars at each station, there are several Lovol mobile accessory cars patrolling the major provincial and county roads that the trans regional operation machine collects. Each accessory car is loaded with a full range of original accessories of Lovol products. The operation of Lovol mobile accessory car can reach the designated place of the user in the shortest time, which not only reduces the maintenance cost of the user's vehicle, but also wins a lot of effective operation time for the user, and completely solves the worries about the timeliness of service and the convenience of accessory purchase in the household cross regional operation of successively measuring the average wear spot diameter of the other two steel balls with the same method

"Lovol post" is an important part of Lovol Zhilian cloud service platform. It is the carrier and contact of the "last mile" between Lovol service and users. Its operation will provide the most reliable basic equipment guarantee for Lovol Zhilian cloud service. Lovol service dedicated to you will continue to lead the efficient development of the industry and become an industry-leading smart service brand

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