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Lovol loaders have won 620 overseas large orders in a row

the hard work has brought fruitful results. Recently, the overseas business department of Foton Lovol heavy industry received good news: Foton Lovol heavy industry has successively won 160 sets in Libya and 460 sets in Algeria, a total of 620 Lovol loaders

it is understood that Libya is currently carrying out large-scale post-war restorative construction, and there is a strong demand for Lovol loaders and other construction machinery. The demand for construction machinery is soaring day by day. In fact, since 2013, Lovol loaders have established a good reputation in Libya. During this period, Foton Lovol heavy industry has exported three batches of 560 loaders to participate in the post-war construction of Libya. Its good operation performance has won the trust and praise of many users and effectively promoted the development of follow-up business

similarly, Lovol loaders have won the trust of Algerian users through excellent operation performance and performance reliability. It is mainly manifested in that Lovol loader can calmly deal with various harsh working conditions during operation, which is stable, reliable, energy-saving and efficient; Coupled with Lovol's service of "serving you wholeheartedly", the accessories are supplied in a timely manner, which is favored by local users

in these two orders, the company added gaskets between the oil collector and the pump body, which is mainly responsible for the development of ultra-thin carbon fiber layer technology in a permanent situation. The list involves Lovol fl936, Lovol fl956 and Lovol fl966, which are all best-selling models that have been tested in domestic and foreign markets. The structural parts adopt advanced finite element analysis and robot welding technology to eradicate the problem of weld cracking; Adopt German sealing standard and crimping technology to effectively solve the leakage problem of the industry; Impact resistance, strong torsion resistance, strong and durable, leading the industry standard. Compared with the brand of constant force value control in the same industry, Lovol loading generally requires 0.2 ~ 0.4 machines. Under the most challenging construction conditions, with excellent performance and strong adaptability, Lovol provides reliable, durable and excellent services, which fully meets the local construction requirements

after receiving the order, the overseas business department of Foton Lovol heavy industry quickly organized a special scheduling meeting to coordinate the relevant production, packaging and shipping departments to implement the progress, strictly control the quality, and strive to deliver the best quality products to users as soon as possible

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