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Beijing printing association carries out the identification of vocational skills training in the printing industry

in order to conscientiously implement the requirements of the outline of the national medium and long term talent development plan (2010-2020) and the opinions on strengthening vocational training and promoting employment of the State Council, and promote the pace of transformation and upgrading of the whole industry through the continuous improvement of the vocational skills of practitioners, Beijing Printing Association has joined forces with Bisheng printing Beijing Bisheng training school and Beijing 70th vocational skills appraisal institute plan to jointly carry out vocational skills training and appraisal in the printing industry in 2013 by relying on a strong team of technical teachers in the industry. The notice is as follows:

I. training objectives and training methods

1200 people are planned to be trained in 2013. The specific indicators of the number of trainees when the test piece is under pressure are divided into: 40 technicians, 20 technicians, 240 workers, 400 intermediate workers and 500 junior workers

(I) in 2013, the training focused on the skills improvement training of on-the-job employees, while taking into account the training of emerging vocational skills. Starting this year, by 2015, we will strive to achieve a 50% proportion of junior and intermediate workers and a 20% proportion of workers. Transform the existing staff team into a real talent team. The quality of the staff of Beijing printing industry has been significantly improved to meet the needs of industrial upgrading and transformation and sustainable development. Under the situation of difficult recruitment and labor shortage, focusing on improving the skill quality of the enterprise's stock talent team is the way to deal with the lack of front-line technical backbones

(II) make full use of the preferential policies for human resources training in Beijing and all districts to reduce the cost of vocational skills training for enterprises and employees. Beijing Printing Association assists the trainee enterprises in handling and providing relevant procedures and procedures. At the same time, we will carry out inter factory joint training in the development zone where enterprises are concentrated. This year, we will first try it in Yizhuang Economic and Technological Development Zone. In qualified enterprises to run training bases, surrounding enterprises to participate. Training experts go to the training base for targeted teaching, and can provide technical support to improve the effect of vocational skills training

(III) explore new ideas, methods and modes of vocational skills training under the new situation. Under the leadership and coordination of Beijing Printing Association, Bisheng printing, Beijing Founder Electronics Company, Beijing Bisheng training school and Beijing 70th vocational skills appraisal institute jointly explored a new mode of online video training. Through the complementary advantages of multiple resources and the integration of online and offline training resources, we can provide enterprises with personalized and diversified printing training influenced by other factors after specialization. Improve the professional skills of enterprise employees, build enterprise soft power, release enterprise training energy, and save enterprise training costs.: 2013 focuses on enriching the content of video materials, laying the foundation for the early launch and future long-term operation of the station

(IV) carry out post competition training services. The post competition training service is the training content that we cannot ignore. The overload voice control alarm is organized and installed. Only selecting the appropriate experimental machine can ensure to meet the measurement needs, so as to distinguish overload or equipment failure. Experts first give comprehensive training to the technicians and technicians who have won the competition, and supplement the necessary courses for technicians, such as writing papers, defending papers, writing training lesson plans, etc. Second, the contestants should receive targeted training on key skills and key links after the competition

II. Training time training content

(I) training time:

technicians, technicians: the second period in April and June, October and December

post press binders: (including paperback mixers, binding inspectors, paper cutting machines, and print finishing)

the second period in April and may, October and November

lithographic printers: (including four-color machine, BB machine, and wheel reporting)

phase 5, June 6, phase 2, September October

lithography workers: (including computer typesetters, graphic makers, spell printers, proofreaders)

phase 5, June 6, phase 2, September October

(II) training content:

training content: basic theoretical knowledge, process principles, practical skills and related knowledge

Technician (technician) teaching content:

1. Product quality identification, control and management

2. production equipment, structure and performance

3. production process and materials

4. Production safety, equipment safety and product safety management

5. New processes, new materials and new technologies

6. Discussion on difficult problems in the production process of enterprises

7. thesis counseling, defense and training course preparation, etc

employ senior experts and professors in the industry as instructors

III. charging standard for identification and evidence collection

(I) identification and evidence collection

on the basis of training, students who pass the theoretical and practical assessment can obtain the corresponding "technical grade certificate of the people's Republic of China" or "technician certificate of the people's Republic of China"

(II) training and evidence collection fees

primary: 550 yuan (registration fee, training fee, identification fee, certificate fee, textbook material fee, etc.)

intermediate: 750 yuan (registration fee, training fee, identification fee, certificate fee, textbook material fee, etc.)

: 950 yuan (registration fee, training fee, identification fee, certificate fee, textbook material fee, etc.)

Technician: 3600 yuan (registration fee, training fee, identification fee, certificate fee, textbook material fee, thesis counseling fee)

Technician: 4600 yuan (registration fee, training fee, identification fee, certificate fee, textbook material fee, thesis counseling fee)

enterprises or individuals with training needs should report the student registration form to Beijing Bisheng training school (No. 36 tonglinge Road, Xicheng District) or send it to the school mailbox before April 30

Contact: Duan Dexin


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Beijing Bisheng training school address: No. 36, tonglinge Road, Xicheng District, Beijing

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