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Beijing Publishing Bureau strengthens the supervision of the reproduction industry

recently, according to the "printing reproduction management work" (No. 45) prepared by the printing reproduction management department of the General Administration of publishing, the printing reproduction management department of the General Administration of publishing fully affirmed the printing reproduction management work of Beijing Publishing Bureau. Sunxiangdong, director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of publishing, made important instructions on this: all departments in the overall situation should strengthen the awareness and ability of supervision and service according to law, and learn from the good experience of the printing and reproduction office

since taking over the management of reproduction in 2002, the printing office of Beijing Publishing Bureau has always adhered to the work requirements of strict management, dynamic supervision, in place service and striving for practical results, and has done a good job in the management of the reproduction industry. So far, there are 45 replication enterprises in Beijing. Among them, there are 31 magnetic media replication enterprises and 14 optical storage replication enterprises. The total registered capital is 386.8219 million yuan, and the total number of employees is nearly 3000; Among them, 458 people have intermediate titles or above. At present, there are -9 CD-ROM master copy production lines; 76 CD, VCD and DVD copy production lines for CD-ROM, with an annual output of 330million discs; After the test piece bears the torque and the force measuring pointer has turned, there is one recordable CD-R disc copy production line and six recordable dvdir disc copy production lines, and the annual production of dvd:r discs reaches 20million

strict management and dynamic supervision

1. Adhere to the monthly production report system of CD-ROM reproduction units. In order to keep abreast of the production situation of reproduction units in a timely manner, the Beijing Municipal Publishing Bureau insisted on seriously implementing the monthly production report system of CD-ROM reproduction units, requiring all reproduction units to submit the "statistical table of electronic publication processing of reproduction units" and "statistical table of audio-visual products processing of reproduction units" of the previous month to the printing and Reproduction Industry Management Office of the Bureau before the 10th day of each month. At the same time, in order to master the production of magnetic media replication units, the Bureau issued a notice at the end of 2003 requiring all magnetic media replication units to also regularly submit processing statistics

2. Insist on irregular flight inspection of CD replication enterprises. In 2004, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of publishing coordinated and organized the Beijing Copyright Bureau and the Beijing "anti pornography" and "anti illegal" offices to conduct 13 "flight" inspections of 11 CD-ROM reproduction enterprises, including Beijing zhongxinlian Digital Technology Co., Ltd. During the inspection, we repeatedly emphasized the copy management system such as the copy power of attorney system and SID code system. And promptly deal with a number of enterprises' illegal duplication in accordance with the law

the service is in place and strive for practical results

1. Actively organize exchange and learning activities. In order to learn from the management experience of advanced CD-ROM replication enterprises and improve the overall quality of the CD-ROM replication industry in Beijing, it is not an easy task. In 2003, the Beijing Municipal Publishing Bureau organized the CD-ROM replication enterprises in Beijing to visit Tianjin Tianbao CD Co., Ltd. nearby according to the suggestions of the printing and replication department, so that the CD-ROM replication enterprises in Beijing had an intuitive understanding of the legal operation and scientific management practices of Tianbao CD Co., Ltd. Enterprises frankly look forward to future exchanges, help and promote each other. Wear can be divided into tool tip wear, tool side wear, tool edge damage and edge wear. We can benefit from each other by carefully studying and discussing problems. Enterprises reported that they hoped that the government management departments would provide more similar useful information and organize more such activities, which would help enterprises learn from each other and the healthy and orderly development of the replication industry

2. Faithfully perform their duties and open a green office channel for enterprises. In the annual inspection of the reproduction enterprises in 2003, the Beijing Publishing Bureau completed the annual inspection in a rapid, timely and standardized manner, which was affirmed and praised by the leaders of the general administration. After the opening of China's copy management, the Beijing Municipal Publishing Bureau organized 14 CD-ROM copy enterprises in Beijing to conduct centralized training on the use of methods, fill in the relevant information of the enterprise, and review the data on site, so as to complete the bin work task quickly and efficiently in a day and a half. In the process of daily management, the Beijing Publishing Bureau has also fully realized the "special one-stop" office, trying to handle it immediately and immediately, which is welcomed by enterprises

so far, Beijing Publishing Bureau is the provincial replication management department that carries out the retraining of China's replication management in the most timely manner and completes the fastest and most complete data information of replication enterprises

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