Icecaf, the most popular ice coffee yarn in Taiwan

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Ice caf é in Taiwan is the first to apply for the concept of carbon footprint

in order to achieve the goal of slowing down global warming, energy conservation and carbon reduction is no longer a slogan, but this concept has been deeply rooted in everyone's heart and is closely related to our lives. Carbon reduction is simply to reduce carbon dioxide emissions

the concept of carbon footprint refers to the direct and indirect carbon dioxide emissions generated by the whole life cycle of an activity or product

the carbon footprint is calculated from the mining and manufacturing of raw materials to the emissions generated when products are discarded or recycled. This is very different from the greenhouse gas emissions of enterprises and industries, which only refer to the emissions related to the manufacturing part, so as to ensure that products meet the technical specifications

1. Check whether the connection of the tester is normal before the test.

therefore, the product carbon footprint has widely become a tool for governments and businesses to reach their goals. The data measured under this condition is helpful to identify the problem targets between actual experiments and systems, and has also become a new medium of communication

it is learned from Taiwan's first textile factory that applies for carbon footprint inventory that the operator will combine the coffee yarn made of recycled coffee grounds with the recycled PET bottle and add cool mineral powder to make ice caf é yarn of environmental protection technology

in the future, this iced coffee yarn has many functions, such as fast drying, cooling and UV resistance. It not only achieves the effect of energy conservation and carbon reduction, but also cooperates with world-renowned sports or outdoor leisure clothing manufacturers such as Patagonia, the north face, Nike and puma

if the concept of carbon footprint can be properly applied to commodities, the environmental protection business opportunities derived from it should have potential, which can not only contribute to environmental protection for the earth, but also create environmental protection business opportunities

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