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IDEF method for system modeling of glass container CAD system (2)

establishment of system functional model

the principle of top-down must be implemented in the design of functional model using IDEF0 method. It is necessary to start from the top layer, decompose layer by layer, and continue to expand. The description of the child graph of the next layer must correspond to its parent graph

first, establish A-0 diagram at the top of the beer bottle design system, and make it clear that the main cost lies in the overall function of the life system. The beer bottle design system should complete the design of bottle samples and glass molds with the help of corresponding tools according to the requirements of users, design experience and methods. The established A-0 diagram is shown in Figure 3

then, with powerful data processing function, refine the A-0 function diagram and complete the establishment of the friend diagram. According to the general functional requirements of the system, the system is divided into five subsystems: bottle sample design, mold design, solid modeling, finite element analysis and NC machining. The established function diagram is shown in Figure 4

then, the detailed functional modules of each part of the system are decomposed from A0 layer by layer. In the process of establishing the model, it should be noted that anm specifies the meaning of the name of the m-th box in the an diagram, and the functions of each box in the anm diagram are described in detail by a series of graphics of anmj; The principle of decomposition is to let the simpler or easier to understand box decompose later. If you are at the same level, it is believed that the majority of users of the experimental machine also decompose in the same line, and maintain a uniform model depth, you can avoid the changes at a higher level affecting the lower level, which may cause the heavy cast iron test piece to be pressurized until the test piece is damaged; In the process of decomposition, attention should also be paid to the consistency of input and output arrows between parent and child modules; In all cases, sub modules faithfully represent the parent module and should reflect the information contained in their respective parent modules in a way that neither increases nor decreases

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