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Ideal flexographic printing equipment for film in flexible packaging

the printing of film products is mainly based on wide flexographic printing machines, and the representative models are w h, f k, comexi, etc. The printing speed is up to 450 meters/minute and the width is 1600mm, ensuring the output and efficiency; Satellite or laminated, all kinds of films including PE and other easily deformed materials are easy to print

the merger and acquisition of Concord by Andy MAC consolidated Andy Mac's position as the world's largest manufacturer of narrow width flexo printing machines. In terms of technology research and development, mcandi company does not hesitate to invest, and konco MSP model has become the trump equipment of flexible packaging printing equipment. The main technical features of Concor flexo press are as follows:

1. A wide range of printing materials. It can solve the printing and molding problems of film and paperboard. The range of printing materials can range from one thousandth of an inch of unlined film to twenty-four thousandths of an inch of paperboard

2. Combined with a variety of accessories, technical solutions such as printing, gravure printing, hot stamping, reverse printing, glue surface printing, pre printing are undoubtedly great business opportunities. At the same time, there are strong water permeable printing paper roll composite, soft tension film coating (which is of great significance for film material surface coating), electron beam printing brush, UV glue composite, EB glue composite, water-based glue composite and other processes that are perfectly connected on the machine

3. Accurate control of printing materials to ensure the highest yield. Different printing materials, MSP models provide different technical solutions due to the attached output; Cooperate with different unwinding and paper feeding mechanisms; Various options are attached to match different paper feeding paths; There is a perfect automatic control system, which can ensure the accuracy of printing and die cutting even if it runs at high speed; Equipped with water-cooled rollers to eliminate material deformation caused by thermal effect

4. High production capacity. Top mounted drying scheme, with a variety of drying methods to expand the drying capacity, the machine speed rises from 500 feet/minute to 750 feet/minute, reaching 150% of that of ordinary machines; Connecting line 14 to minimize the impact of temperature drift on more than one printing unit; MSP and MSP servo units realize arbitrary transformation of printing perimeter

5. Reduce the invalid time and achieve the highest machine hour utilization. The printing and die-cutting unit adopts sliding out design; The printing head and die cutting head can be preset outside the machine, and the invalid time of replacement printing can be minimized

6. The specific technical scheme is as follows

(1) tension control for different materials

① unwinding. Different unwinding brakes are selected for different printing materials

② paper feeding. There are two tension floating rollers to better maintain the paper feeding tension

③ pull the paper. The most stable three roll combined paper drawing method is adopted

④ for different printing materials, provide a variety of paper routes to achieve the best effect

(2) thickness treatment of substrate roll

① different thickness materials are printed by changing the plate cylinder gear

② by controlling the tolerance value of the gear to the material thickness, the relative motion of the printing process can be controlled to the greatest extent

(3) about registration adjustment

① data acquisition and processing of automatic registration to achieve high-precision real-time monitoring and control. The dual monitoring and control system with standard configuration acts on the printing plate cylinder and the printing material roll; Using the continuous sampling measurement technology, the accuracy of each operation measurement of the plate cylinder is greatly improved compared with the group measurement scheme; Adopt real-time zeroing control; Each unit is equipped with a digital readout head to display dynamic registration data in real time

② adopt high-precision mechanical structure to ensure motion accuracy. With the phase adjustment technology of the cylinder, the registration adjustment does not affect the speed and motion accuracy of the roll

(4) about the convenience of operation

① lower type turnover frame. Push the lower overturning frame between the printing units

② the slide out printing unit realizes the pressure adjustment of the plate cylinder to the wrinkle roller outside the machine

③ each unit is equipped with cables to realize plug and play when replacing other devices

④ slide out die-cutting unit, which is more time-consuming, and the adjustment of die-cutting tools can be completed outside the machine

source: Guangdong Heshan Printing Association

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