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Identification and purchase of special paper: analyze the details of thermal paper

thermal paper is actually thermal printing paper and thermal fax paper. It is used in thermal printers and thermal fax machines. Its quality directly affects the printing quality and storage time, and even affects the service life of printers and fax machines. At present, there are more and more popular and trusted brands in the market, such as Annie, Fuji, Guanhao, black prince, golden flagship, Prince LAN, Ricoh, Prince Wang, and little god of war. In terms of price, Annie, Prince LAN, black prince, and Prince may be more expensive, while the price of golden flag ship, little god of war, Ricoh, Fuji, and Guanhao will be more cost-effective. When buying, whether you go to the mall or go shopping, try to shop around. If you can buy by box, you can achieve the effect of good quality and low price

in terms of structure, thermal printing paper is generally divided into three layers, including paper base, thermal coating and protective layer. Thermal coating and protective layer have a great impact on the final effect. The more uniform the thermal coating is, the more uniform the printed color will be, and the better the visual effect will be. If the thermal coating is uneven, the color depth will be different, and the print quality will be reduced. Whether the chemical formula of thermal coating is reasonable or not directly affects the storage time of printing paper. Now there are long-term thermal paper that can be preserved for 10 years. As the name suggests, the protective coating plays a protective role. It can absorb part of the light that causes the chemical reaction of the thermal coating, protect the thermal coating, slow down the deterioration of the printing paper, and protect the thermal components of the printer from damage

identify the quality of thermal paper, identify three moves

appearance: when choosing thermal paper, pay more attention to the appearance of the paper. From the color, we can distinguish the quality of its protective coating and thermal coating to a certain extent. If the paper is very white, it indicates that the protective coating and thermal coating of the paper are unreasonable, and it is likely that too much phosphor is added. If the paper is slightly green, its quality should be better. If the paper looks smooth and flat, the coating of the thermal paper is more uniform, otherwise, it means that the paper coating is uneven, which will seriously affect the printing effect. At the same time, if the paper looks very reflective, it is also due to the addition of too much phosphor. It is best not to choose such thermal paper

comparison and identification of sunlight exposure: this method is very simple. You only need to smear different printed papers with the same fluorescent pen and put them in the sun (this can accelerate the reaction of the thermal coating to light that the specified friction coefficient in this standard is 1 value). Eventually, they will all turn black. The longer it takes to turn black, the longer the thermal paper will be stored

fire roasting: in fact, the principle of fire roasting is similar to that of sunlight. You can use a lighter to heat the back of the paper slowly, and the color of the paper will change with the heating. If the final color is brown, it means that the thermal formula is not reasonable, and the storage time may be relatively short; If small stripes or scattered color patches can be seen on the paper, the coating is uneven. On the contrary, the thermal paper with good quality will eventually appear black green (with a little green) after heating, and the color block is uniform, and the color will gradually fade from the center of heating to the surrounding

now, I believe you have a certain understanding of the purchase of thermal paper, and then let's see how to choose photo printing paper

there is a secret to the purchase of photo printing paper

for photo printing, many consumers have been mistakenly thinking that as long as there is a good ink cartridge, they pay little attention to the printing media. In fact, when using digital photo printer to output images, only professional photo printing paper can make the output effect achieve high fidelity. Because the surface of professional photo paper is coated with a special coating, which can suck ink into the paper to make the printing effect look bright and bright. At the same time, the coating of photo paper also has a protective effect, which is completely comparable to the spraying effect to maintain the color of photo output for a long time. Therefore, the choice of photo paper is extremely important. Professional photo printing paper sold on the market now can be divided into ordinary photo paper, ordinary glossy photo paper (glossy photo paper) and high-quality glossy photo paper according to the coating layer and paper, which must choose a suitable metal separator to adapt to the different media of the corresponding tested products

in the process of purchasing photo paper, we mainly consider the following points:

paper compatibility: some color jet printers or color thermal sublimation printers have special requirements for photo paper. Therefore, we must buy according to the special specifications marked on the instructions of the printer. For example, Epson's photo paper has poor compatibility, and the effect is better if we use Epson's printer. In contrast, Kodak Photo paper has better compatibility. Kodak officially announced that its photo printing paper can be used on 75 kinds of printers around the world

choice of brand: there are many kinds of photo paper on the market now, which can be described as mixed arowana

there is no doubt that Kodak Photo paper belongs to one or two in terms of variety, quantity and quality. Fuji, HP, Canon, Xerox, Prince and other foreign brands occupy a large market, but domestic brands are also gradually rising. Tsinghua Tongfang has launched color inkjet paper, glossy paper and High Gloss Photo Paper, whose performance is enough to meet household and commercial needs. Its high gloss photo paper adopts imported coating technology, and its compatibility is very good, It can be widely applied to various mainstream digital printers in the market, including high-resolution images. The surface of the product has good ink absorption performance and water resistance. The paper has high whiteness, and the printing effect is clear and delicate. It also adopts high-speed and fast drying coating technology, which can well display high DPI images. Its price is not expensive. Seagull is also good, but its photo paper rarely appears in the market, but it will be included with the purchase of seagull compatible photo cartridges. At the same time, because the printing methods of different brands and different specifications of photo paper are very different, when buying, you must first ask the printing methods and relevant details before making a choice

price: price is a consideration. Generally, you don't need to buy expensive photo paper, just save the printed photos. Kodak's photo paper is of very good quality, but it is usually expensive. However, if the photos to be printed are very important and you want to save them for a long time, you can choose high-quality (usually expensive) photo paper, or buy the original photo paper with the same brand as the photo printer. (in fact, the same is true. Using professional paper of the same brand as the printer, the output photos are designed specifically for composite materials, with longer storage time, better printing effect and more realistic colors.)

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