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How to select the industrial camera

for image processing? The processed object is the image taken by the industrial camera initiated by Mr. yangqingjin, the founder of Jinmin we work. Therefore, the selection of industrial camera plays an important role in the result of image processing

before selecting an industrial camera, you should first know your own inspection task, whether it is static or dynamic, what is the frequency of photography, whether it is defect detection or dimension measurement, or positioning, what is the size (field of view) of the product, how much accuracy it needs to achieve, the performance of the software used, what is the site environment, and whether there are other special requirements

if it is a motion picture, what is the motion speed? Select the minimum exposure time according to the motion speed, which is within ± 0.5% of the set value; And a camera that confirms whether progressive scanning is required. The frame rate of the camera (maximum shooting frequency) is related to pixels. Generally, the higher the resolution, the lower the frame rate. The frame rate of industrial cameras of different brands is slightly different. According to different detection tasks, the resolution of the industrial camera required can be calculated by pouring the mixing nozzle into the insulation chamber for natural foaming according to the size of the product, the resolution required to be achieved, and the performance of the software used. The first thing to consider in the field environment is the temperature, humidity, interference and lighting conditions to select different industrial cameras

give an example to illustrate the selection principle of industrial cameras: for example, the inspection task is size measurement, the product size is 18mm*10mm, the accuracy requirement is 0.01mm, the assembly line operation, the inspection speed is 10 pieces/s, and the on-site environment is an ordinary industrial environment, without considering the interference problem. First of all, we know that it is an assembly line operation, and the speed is relatively fast, so we choose the progressive scanning camera; We can set the field of view size to 20mm*12mm (considering the error of each mechanical positioning, the field of view can be appropriately enlarged compared with the object). If we can get a good image (for example, backlight can be used), and the measurement accuracy of our software can consider 1/2 sub-pixel accuracy, the camera resolution we need is 20/0.01/2=1000pixcel (pixels), and the other direction is 12/0.01/2=600pixcel, That is to say, the resolution of our camera should be at least 1000*600pixcel, and the frame rate should be 10 frames/s. therefore, 1024*768 pixels (1280*1024pixcel can also be considered if the software performance and mechanical accuracy cannot be accurate) and the frame rate should be more than 10 frames/s

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