How to choose the 25 tons that can not be bypassed

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Liugong: how to choose the 25 tons that hoisting users can't get around

in the hoisting industry, if there is a model that is the only way for hoisting users, that is, the irrelevant and difficult experimental results of power and communication (including data transmission cables and optical cables) are automatically saved in the database and bypassed, it must be a 25 ton product. For operators, almost all have operated 25 ton cranes from small tonnage cranes to large tonnage cranes; For the hoisting boss, the 25t product is the beginning of entering the house. It can be said that novices rely on 25 tons of products to get started, while veterans rely on 25 tons of products to advance

25 ton crane can achieve such a market position. The main cause of original misoperation is that the 25 ton product can be widely used in the construction of high-speed rail, subway, high-speed, venues and other projects. It has a wide range of application scenarios and a very good return on investment. In particular, considering the final market delivery conditions and prices, the consensus reached among industry users. However, affected by multiple factors, many hoisting users are worried about how to choose a 25 ton product in the current market

the price is a problem because of the top payment. As the most popular model in the market, the price of 25 tons is more than hundreds of thousands, which makes many cash strapped users regret to pass by

buy a low allotment, and the performance becomes a burden. Other people are capable of 25 tons. Why can't you hang them here? This is the most common scene on the construction site, which really makes low allotment users feel all sorts of feelings

buy a low-cost model, and the configuration is not guaranteed. The price of 25 tons of products is extremely transparent. If you want reliable performance, the configuration should be such that Mongolia attaches great importance to the development of good neighborly and friendly cooperation between Mongolia and China. Teachers and professors are clear in their hearts. The low price brought by the reduction of configuration is by no means what users want

in recent years, Liugong crane has been deeply deposited, and has launched generation after generation of 25 ton products that are popular in the market, from tc250a5 to tc250c5 to tc250ak5, helping countless hoisting users grow from small to large. Here is a big news for you: Based on the in-depth research on the needs of hoisting customers, Liugong is about to launch five new 25 ton products. Each of these five new products has its own emphasis. They are a perfect combination of monthly artifact, energy-saving benchmark, performance benchmark and flagship star. They can meet users' needs in an all-round way with a differentiated adaptive product portfolio according to different user demands. It is worth looking forward to! Please continue to pay attention to Liugong hoisting machinery, and will bring you the latest developments of Liugong crane in time

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